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Science of Science and Management of Science and Technology

The journal Science of Science and Science and Technology Management, founded in 1980, is the earliest comprehensive scientific and technological journal on the theory and practice of science and technology management in China since the reform and opening up. It is co-sponsored by the Chinese Society for Science and Technology Policy and the Tianjin Institute of Science and Technology, and is in charge of the Tianjin Science and Technology Commission.

Since its inception, this journal has taken the lead in doing a lot of advanced research and exploration in theory and practice in order to publicize the spirit of science and science theory, improve the level of science and technology policy and management, and establish and implement the strategy of "rejuvenating the country through science and education. Among them, some viewpoints discussed on many major theoretical and practical issues in the reform of my country's scientific and technological system and economic system reform have also been adopted by a series of decisions such as the decision of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on the reform of the scientific and technological system.

This journal won the second prize and the first prize of the first and second national excellent sci-tech journals respectively, won the nomination award of the first national periodical award, and was rated as "Tianjin first-class periodical" in the journal evaluation over the years ". This publication for the world "IAIA (International Impact Assessment) Organization" group member units.