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Scientific research management

The journal "Scientific Research Management" was founded in 1980. It is a monthly journal sponsored by the Institute of Science and Technology Policy and Management Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Research of Science and Technology Policy of China. It is an academic journal publicly issued at home and abroad. Adhere to the comprehensive, scientific and documentary nature, publicize the principles and policies of China's scientific and technological system reform and the development of scientific and technological undertakings, promote the exchange of management work at home and abroad, enhance mutual understanding of all sectors of society in management work, strengthen domestic and foreign ties, and promote international exchanges.

Scientific Research Management was selected and recognized as an important A- level journal of management science by the Management Science Department of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. It also joined the "Chinese Academic Journal Special Literature Database" sponsored by Tsinghua University and the "Wanfang Data Network Center" sponsored by the China Institute of Science and Technology Information. At the same time, the journal "Scientific Research Management" was included in the full text of "China Journal Full Text Database (CJFD), No.:(Q)G098; Selected as" China Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database "statistical source journal (CAJCED), No.:(Z)S0099; Included by the Ministry of Science and Technology as" China Science and Technology Papers Statistical Source Journal (China Science and Technology Core Journal) "; it is recognized as the source journal of Chinese Social Science Citation Index (CSSCI) by the China Social Science Research Evaluation Center of Nanjing University. China's core journals of humanities and social sciences; It was included as the source journal by the abstract of Chinese academic journals. It was selected by the "excellent database of Chinese social science journals" with the number of (S)0346. It is included as a source journal of the Chinese Science Citation Database. This journal has: management theory and methods; Technological innovation research; Research on enterprise technological progress; Intellectual property research; Talent management; Project management; Institute management; Results management; Agricultural scientific research; Local science and technology and education; University science and technology and management; Forecast and analysis; Enterprise case analysis; Enterprise management; Local regional innovation and management and other columns.

Scientific research management is a comprehensive work that combines the results of basic research and applied research with the needs of the country and society, and guides, plans and controls them. Universities have the functions of carrying out scientific research, knowledge innovation and transformation of scientific achievements. The scientific research management in the university work is to rationally allocate various resources within the university, optimize the organization, coordinate and control, and maximize the efficiency of scientific output and transformation.