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Chinese Association of Science of Science and Science &Technology Policy

Chinese Association of Science of Science and

Science &Technology Policy

The Chinese Association of Science of Science and Science &Technology Policy (CASSSP) was established on June 9, 1982. It is a public academic organization and juridical association of scholars engaged in science and technology policy studies in China. It ranks as the top class association in China. CASSSP has a big group of outstanding scholars and experts in the domain of science of science and science &technology policy. The scholars and experts have organized activities to develop the Chinese science, technology policy and administration, and promote the scientific and democratic decision-making.

CASSSP has its local associations of science of science in many provinces and autonomous regions in China including more than 60 group members, 200 council members, and 8000 register members. CASSSP comprises 6 working committees responsible for organization, academic exchange, education, youth, periodical, group standardsand 31 professional committees concerning theory of science of science and discipline construction, science and technology policy, scientrometrics and informetrics, science and technology evaluation, entrepreneurial innovation, technology foresight, policy simulation, S&T human resources, communication and popularization of S&T, science and economy, public administration, scientific sociology, administration of S&T projects, policy of intellectual property, industrialization of S&T achievements,regional innovation, S&T infrastructure, science culture, military, civilian integration,science and technology safety,scientific research organization management, and standardization theory and policy.

We have successfully held a series of conferences and forums,such as Forum of the Chinese Science and Technology Policy, Annual Symposium of the Chinese Science Policy and Management, The National Symposium of Science and Technology Assessment, TheNational Symposium of Technology Foresight. We publish or jointly publish magazines, such as Studies in Science of Science, Science Research Management, and Science of Science and Management of S&T.

AddressNo.55, Zhongguancun Dong Lu, Beijing

Post Code: 100190

Telephone: 010-62542615


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