Science and Technology Safety Professional Committee



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The Science and Technology Security Professional Committee is committed to building a comprehensive and cross-disciplinary industry-university-research exchange and service platform, bringing together multidisciplinary scientific and technological workers, and promoting forward-looking, targeted, and reserve research related to scientific and technological security strategic innovation, theoretical innovation, and policy innovation., Support the country's scientific decision-making with scientific consultation, promote the prosperity and development of disciplines, promote the popularization of knowledge and achievements, and promote the development of talents and capabilities. The main functions include: 1) to carry out strategic consulting research, to provide scientific and technological security strategic consulting services for competent departments, scientific and technological enterprises and local governments, and to form a significant influence; 2) to organize academic annual meetings, special academic seminars, academic forums, salons and other special committee activities to strengthen exchanges and cooperation between domestic and foreign counterparts; 3) to organize the compilation and regular release of scientific and technological security development reports ("Science and Technology Security Blue Book; continue to organize special issues on science and technology safety in high-level journals to gather consensus on research by scholars at home and abroad; 4) Popularize" science and technology safety education ", give full play to the intellectual advantages of special committees, and actively carry out science popularization and training of scientific and technological personnel.