Standardization Theory and Policy Committee



Professional Committee

Key words:

china science and technology policy studies


Facing the national strategic needs, economic development and international academic frontiers, the special committee is an academic community composed of universities, research institutions, enterprises, government departments, standards groups and other diversified members. Relevant work is carried out in the fields of standardization theoretical research, standardization policy research, standardization strategic layout and standardization personnel training, so as to form research advantages and influence, Serve the national standardization and innovation driven development strategy. On this basis, actively organize international academic exchanges on standardization theories and policies to enhance the international influence of my country's standardization research.
The scope of business and tasks of the special committee focus on four major areas:
In terms of strategic layout, we will focus on in-depth analysis of the "hot spots" and "difficulties" in major social and economic issues such as standardization and technological innovation, digital economy, green development, industrial upgrading, opening up, and social governance.
In terms of theoretical research, we should build a theoretical system of standardization, consolidate the foundation, promote innovation, actively carry out academic exchanges and cooperation in this field at the international and domestic levels, and greatly enhance the influence in the academic field of international standardization.
In terms of policy research, it tracks the trend of international and foreign standardization strategies, combines with the needs of China's economic, social and industrial development, and provides research support for the optimization of standardization development policies and the coordinated development of standardization policies and science and technology policies.
In terms of personnel training, we should effectively support the training of standardization talents, promote the construction of standardization disciplines, enhance the scientific research ability of standardization personnel, and give full play to the role of standardization experts in national science and technology decision-making consultation.