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The First Annual Academic Conference on "Science and Technology Security and Governance"


The First Annual Conference of "Science and Technology Security and Governance"

At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation have accelerated evolution, and science and technology has become the core and focus of strategic games around the world. The China Science and Technology Policy Research Association attaches great importance to the issue of scientific and technological security, and has newly established a professional committee on scientific and technological security.

The First Annual Conference of "Science and Technology Security and Governance"To beOctober 2023InJiaxing, ZhejiangHeld, this annual meetingScience and Technology Security Committee of China Science and Technology Policy Research Association,Beijing Institute of Technologyco-host,Yangtze River Delta Institute of Beijing Institute of Technology (Jiaxing), Jiaxing CollegeCo-hosting.

At the same time, the conference will be soliciting articles. The information is as follows:

01Subject (but not limited)

The theme of this annual conference includes but is not limited:

(1) Science and technology security strategy;

(2) Science and technology security policy;

(3) Industry chain supply chain security;

(4) Open source science and technology information management;

(5) Digital governance;

(6) Science and technology ethics and governance;

(7) Science and technology safety law;

(8) Global governance of science and technology.

02Request for essays and instructions

(1) The content of the contribution should belong to the original scientific research results that the author has not published publicly. The data is true and reliable, does not violate national laws and regulations, does not involve state secrets, and does not involve any infringement issues related to intellectual property rights.

(2) paper format specific referenceRequirements for submission format of journal of Scientific Research ManagementThe number of words in the paper should be more than 8000 words.

(3) The outstanding papers selected by the annual meeting will be recommend to the academic journals sponsored by the Chinese Society of Science and Technology Policy, and published after review in accordance with relevant requirements.

(4) At this annual meeting, the authors of the papers accepted at the meeting will be invited to make academic reports.

(5) Submission method: Easychair submission systemThe contribution link is as follows:

(6) Deadline for receipt:

1 August 2023 deadline for receipt

Review comments returned before August 20, 2023

Return the revised draft and complete the registration of the annual meeting before August 31, 2023

03Meeting Contact




China Science and Technology Policy Research Association

June 6, 2023


Key words:


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