Notice: 2021 World-Class Science and Technology Association Evaluation Report to be Released Soon!


"World-Class Science and Technology Association Evaluation Report (2021)-Opportunities and Challenges" will be held in Beijing on July 26, 2021 at the 23rd China Association for Science and Technology Annual Conference "World Science and Technology Association Development and Governance Forum" grand release!

Since 2019, with the support of the Academic Department of the Chinese Association for Science and Technology, the Chinese Society for Science and Technology Policy and Xi'an Jiaotong University have formed a joint research group to conduct a panoramic scan and empirical survey of world-class science and technology associations, and analyze the capabilities of world-class science and technology associations. Composition and characteristics, key factors affecting the development of associations, evaluation methods, and a series of key issues such as the position of countries in global science and technology associations.

Standing at the key historical node of the world's unprecedented changes in a century, the "World-Class Science and Technology Association Evaluation (2021)-Opportunities and Challenges" has carried out the evaluation of science and technology associations for three consecutive years from a global perspective, continuously deepening theoretical research and empirical investigations, and monitoring dynamics Change trends, in-depth discussion of the growth path of global science and technology associations. On the basis of previous studies, the 2021 report further expands the evaluation object, improves the index system, improves the reliability of data, and interprets the research findings in order to understand the dynamic development of global science and technology associations from a wider range, newer perspectives, and more details. Promote the construction of a scientific community of "convincing people with reason", a value community of "convincing people with virtue", a community of destiny of "people-oriented", and science and technology to support the sustainable development of human society.

In the overlapping period of global changes and crises, what are the key challenges facing the global science and technology community? What development opportunities have they ushered in? What changes have taken place in the overall pattern? What other communities have turned crises into opportunities and taken advantage of the situation? This report has many highlights, so stay tuned!

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