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Enterprise Innovation and Industrial Policy Committee of China Science and Technology Policy Research Association

In order to promote the collaborative innovation development of China's economy, and further promote the effective construction of cooperative innovation networks among enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions, various intermediate organizations, governments, individuals and other innovation subjects in the industry,Enterprise Innovation and Industrial Policy Committee of China Science and Technology Policy Research Associationby Dalian University of TechnologySu JingqinProfessor (the leader of philosophy and social sciences of the National "Ten Thousand Talents Program" and the founder of the China Management Case Sharing Center) took the lead, and many senior people from universities and business circles in the United Nations jointly initiated the establishment, and the secretariat is affiliatedDalian University of Technology. The special committee is committed to promoting industry-university-research cooperation, coordinating and promoting the construction of various innovation subjects and the gathering of innovation resources, and promoting a collaborative innovation platform with complementary advantages and elements.

Key functions include:

(1) Carry out applied research on enterprise consulting and government senior administration, provide enterprise innovation and industrial policy consulting services for enterprises and government departments, and form a multi-faceted influence.

(2) Organize annual meetings, special academic seminars, academic forums, enterprise research workshops and other special committee activities to take root in Chinese practice, refine real questions and find real answers.

(3) Cooperate with many high-level journals, and set up column solicitation from time to time to promote academic interaction and build consensus.

(4) Promote teaching and research based on local management practice, promote the improvement of business teaching quality through "case action teaching" and other methods; actively carry out the training of teaching and research methods;

Give full play to the intelligence of the special committee, channel advantages, aggregation of production, research and government enterprises.

We sincerely invite you to join the Special Committee on Enterprise Innovation and Industrial Policy. We will select the best members to gather wisdom and build a platform together.


The Special Committee on Enterprise Innovation and Industrial Policy has successfully organized many annual academic meetings and held the first one in Inner Mongolia in July this year.China Enterprise Innovation and Platform Governance Annual Conference", looking forward to the contribution, invite to attend!

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