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[Branch Introduction] Science and Technology Infrastructure Professional Committee of China Science and Technology Policy Research Association

As an important type of modern infrastructure system, scientific and technological infrastructure is a large-scale complex scientific research system that provides extreme research means for exploring the unknown world, discovering natural laws, and realizing technological change. It is a material and technological foundation and important support for breaking through the scientific frontier, solving major scientific and technological issues of economic and social development and national security, and implementing innovation driven development.

Science and Technology Infrastructure Committee of China Science and Technology Policy Research AssociationExecutive Director of the Research Association and former Executive Vice President of Sun Yat-sen UniversitySun DongbaiProfessor in2015Initiated, approved by the Standing Council of the China Society for Science and Technology Policy in March 2016, and officially established in November of the same year. The secretariat is now affiliatedShenzhen Institute of Integrated Particle Facilities. The special committee is committed to organizing and carrying out research on strategic planning, construction and operation management, technology foresight, science and technology policy, etc. around the field of major science and technology infrastructure, uniting the vast number of science and technology workers in the field of science and technology infrastructure, carrying out academic exchanges, activating academic ideas, promoting the prosperity and development of disciplines, promoting the popularization of discipline knowledge and achievements, and serving the science and technology power and innovation-driven development strategy, continuously contribute to the construction and development of China's scientific and technological infrastructure.

Key functions include:

(1) Carry out strategic consulting, technology foresight, and science and technology policy research in the planning, construction, operation, and management of science and technology infrastructure, science centers, science cities, etc., and provide consulting services to competent departments, local governments, and scientific research institutions to serve National innovation-driven development strategy;

(2) Give full play to the advantages of the science and technology infrastructure platform, organize academic annual meetings, special academic seminars, academic forums, research and investigation and other special committee activities, strengthen exchanges and cooperation between domestic and foreign counterparts in the field of science and technology infrastructure, and promote the prosperity and development of disciplines;

(3) Publicize and popularize scientific and technological infrastructure, give full play to the scientific and technological infrastructure conditions and talent advantages of the units where the members of the special committee are located, actively carry out scientific popularization and facility opening, and strengthen the public's understanding and understanding of the important equipment of major powers.


We sincerely invite you to join the professional committee of science and technology infrastructure, and jointly contribute to the service of science and technology power and innovation driven development strategy, and jointly promote the cause of science and technology infrastructure in China!

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