Honorary Chairman Fang Xin Attends Forum on Young Staff Development of the Secretariat of the Research Society

On April 6, 2023, Honorary Chairman Fang Xin had a cordial discussion with the staff of the Secretariat. The symposium was presided over by Ji Bin, director of the office, and attended by Secretary-General Chen Guang and all staff of the secretariat.

Scene Picture

The honorary chairman of Fang Xin answered the questions concerned by the young employees one by one, and gave careful guidance according to the actual situation of everyone. The honorary chairman of Fang Xin combined his own work and life experience, shared his experience with the employees, and put forward three hopes and suggestions to everyone: First, make a good career plan and establish a clear life goal. According to their own interests, hobbies and strengths, carefully plan their own career; second, develop good study habits, love to learn, be good at learning, improve learning ability, and constantly enrich themselves; third, personal growth should complement the development of collective career, and achieve self-achievement in collective development.

Honorary Chairman Fang Xin (fifth from the left in the second row) took a photo with all the staff of the Secretariat.

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