China Science and Technology Policy Research Association Industry and Education Integration Academic Annual Meeting Successfully Held

25-26 March 2023,China Science and Technology Policy Research Association Annual Conference on Integration of Industry and EducationSuccessfully held in Xuzhou, Jiangsu. This annual academic conference is organizedChina Science and Technology Policy Research Associationhost,Xuzhou Institute of EngineeringandProfessional Committee of Industry and Education Integration of China Science and Technology Policy Research AssociationUndertaking. Meeting to"Integration of Production and Education and Regional Innovation and DevelopmentAs the theme, it aims to strengthen dialogue and cooperation, and create a new chapter in the integration of production and education and regional innovation and development.

Fang Xin, Honorary Chairman of the Chinese Society for Science and Technology Policy, Mu Rongping, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Li Lianshui, and Zhang Nong, President of Xuzhou Institute of Technology, attended the meeting. More than 200 experts and scholars from universities, scientific research institutes, and industry attended the meeting. The opening ceremony was presided over by Cao Jie, vice president of Xuzhou Institute of Technology.

On behalf of Xuzhou Institute of technology, President Zhang Nong extended a warm welcome to all the leaders and experts attending the meeting and introduced the development of the school. President Zhang pointed out that xuzhou institute of technology, centering on the construction of Xuzhou's "three centers, one hub and one highland", actively connects the regional industrial chain, innovation chain and talent chain, optimizes the layout of disciplines and specialties, builds a high-level cooperation platform, continuously deepens the integration of production and education, science and education, accelerates the transformation of innovation achievements, and injects university momentum into Xuzhou's high-quality construction of the central city of Huaihai economic zone and comprehensive promotion of Chinese modernization.

On behalf of the China Science and Technology Policy Research Association, Chairman Mu Rongping expressed his gratitude to Xuzhou Institute of Technology for its strong support. Chairman Mu said that the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China clearly stated that enterprises are also the main body of technological innovation, and put forward new requirements for the integration of production and education. It is hoped that the professional committee of industry education integration will make greater achievements in the future and make new contributions to the innovation and development of enterprises and the development of local economy. At the same time, I also wish Xuzhou Institute of Technology to achieve high-quality development in the integration of production and education and personnel training.

At the annual meeting, Fang Xin Honorary Chairman and Mu Rongping Chairman respectively made keynote reports entitled "Integration of Production and Education-New Requirements and New Acts in the New Process" and "Thinking on Innovation-Driven Digital Empowerment Integration of Production and Education", sharing research findings and suggestions. the keynote report was presided over by li lianshui, chairman of the board of supervisors. During this period, the Professional Committee of Industry and Education Integration of China Science and Technology Policy Research Association held its inaugural meeting. The exchange of academic papers is held in the form of an online conference. Leading experts at the meeting held a special symposium and reached an agreement. The Research Association and Xuzhou jointly launched the "Huaihai Forum", inviting well-known experts at home and abroad to attend speeches every year to build a domestic high-level think tank brand.

The annual meeting of the China Science and Technology Policy Research Association is an open academic exchange platform for industry, education and the public, focusing on hot issues in the field of industry-education integration. Experts and scholars from research institutes and enterprises are invited to discuss the future development direction of industry-education integration from multiple angles, providing important support for solving the problem of separation of industry and education and the lack of professional ability in industry guidance.

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