Vice Chairman You Guangrong and Hu Zhijian visited Professor Redson and had a discussion with the Cross-Strait Academic Exchange Committee.

2023Year2Month19On the same day, you Guangrong, Hu Zhijian, vice chairman of the Research Association, and his entourage went to the Cross-Strait academic Exchange Professional Committee to conduct research. On behalf of Fang Xin, honorary chairman of the Research Association, and Mu Rongping, chairman of the Research Association, cordially expressed condolences to Professor Redson, lifelong member of the Chinese Society for Science and Technology Policy and former director of the Institute of soft Science of Fuzhou University, and held a forum in the conference room.

Professor Shen Neng of the Institute of Soft Science of Fuzhou University gave a report on behalf of the Special Committee of the Cross-Strait Academic Exchange Conference, and introduced in detail the background, basic overview, work focus, and development in recent years of the Cross-Strait Academic Exchange Professional Committee,2023The work plan of the Special Committee for the year and the problems and difficulties facing the development of the Special Committee at present.

The leaders and experts at the meeting exchanged and discussed the practical problems encountered in the development and construction of the special committee. The experts fully exchanged views on the service functions of the special committee, the use of funds, the allocation of scale, the membership structure and the work of academic exchanges in the post-epidemic period, and fully discussed the opportunities for cooperation in relevant business areas in the future. The leaders of the Research Association said that Fuzhou University is a national "double first-class" construction university with strong discipline strength, and the soft Science Research Institute of Fuzhou University is an important base of the Research Association. In recent years, it has played an important role in local scientific decision-making, theoretical and method innovation, and cross-strait scientific, educational and cultural exchanges, The Research Association will continue to support the work of the Institute from all aspects, and expand the cooperation experience to all-round cooperation with Fuzhou University.

Mr. Redson introduced the support given by the leaders and experts of the research association to the soft Science Research Institute of Fuzhou University and the development of the discipline, and expressed his gratitude to the leaders of the research association for their concern, help and support.

Finally, Professor Huang Zhigang, Vice President of Fuzhou University and Director of the Cross-Strait Academic Exchange Committee, welcomed the arrival of the two vice chairmen of the Research Association, You Guangrong and Hu Zhijian, and expressed gratitude to the Research Association for its long-term help and support to Fuzhou University. I sincerely hope to continue to carry out in-depth cooperation with the Research Association and jointly promote the high-quality coordinated development of education, science and technology, and talents proposed by the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of China, join hands to make important contributions to China's innovation and development and think tank construction. Professor Huang Zhigang said that the special committee will carefully study the future development plan of the special committee, strengthen the construction of think tanks of the special committee, and earnestly implement the requirements of the China Association for Science and Technology, the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the General Association, and standardize the construction and operation of the special committee. Finally, on behalf of the Special Committee, Professor Wong Chi-kong expressed his gratitude to the General Assembly and Chairman Mu Rongping for their relationship and support to the Special Committee.

Professor Chen Guolong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Fuzhou University, met with the leaders of the research association and conducted in-depth exchanges on the in-depth development of school-association cooperation. The heads of the Social Science Management Office, the School of Economics and Management of Fuzhou University and some experts participated in related activities.

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