Notice on Soliciting Proposals for Selecting Topics for Key Projects of Decision-making Consultation in 2023

All professional committees and working committees:

In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, serve the scientific decision-making of the party and the government with high quality, and respond to the China Association for Science and Technology2023Year2Month21On the day of the release of the "on the national society and the local association of science and technology collection."2023Notice on Proposals for Selecting Topics for Key Projects of Decision-making Consultation in ", the China Society for Science and Technology Policy is specially aimed at all branches and members of the Association, and scientific and technological workers in the field of science and technology policy to solicit topics for key projects of decision-making consultation. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

1. solicitation time

From the date of issuance of the notice,2023Year3Month6End of the day.

2. topics focus

Including but not limited to the following directions:

(I) focus on national development strategies. It mainly includes major issues such as national development and security, strategic layout of scientific and technological innovation, strengthening national strategic scientific and technological strength, national regional development strategy, giving full play to the main role of enterprise innovation, and improving the overall efficiency of the national innovation system;

(II) focus on technology and industry frontiers. It mainly includes forward-looking research and judgment of major issues in the future industry and technology fields that are conducive to my country's opening up new fields and new track, and shaping the development of new kinetic energy and new advantages;

(III) focus on innovative talents and innovation ecology. It mainly includes the development of education, science and technology, and talents, focusing on major issues such as training, introducing, and using talents, building an open innovation ecology, and international science and technology governance;

(IV) focus on the intersection of science and technology and humanities. It mainly includes innovation culture, science and technology ethics, intelligent governance, digital economy, public health and health and other major issues in the field of science and technology humanities;

(V) focus on the reform and development of science and technology groups. It mainly includes the status and role of science and technology groups in the national innovation system, the reform, development and governance of science and technology groups and other major issues.

3. Topic Requirements

(I) closely serve scientific decision-making. It should reflect the characteristics of decision-making consulting projects, and strive to put forward targeted and operable policy recommendations to provide reference for the scientific decision-making of the party and the government.

(II) service "big country". We should think about what the party and the government think, what the people think, and what the people are anxious about, and strive to make suggestions and suggestions for achieving high-level scientific and technological self-reliance and building a world scientific and technological power.

The (III) is in line with the organizational characteristics of the Association for Science and Technology. It should fall within the scope of the responsibilities of the Association for Science and Technology to participate in politics, reflect the major issues of my country's economic and social development that scientific and technological workers are concerned about, and strive to provide decision-making basis for national science and technology strategy, planning, and policy formulation.

4. solicitation method

All branches, members and scientific and technological workers in the field of science and technology policy shall fill in 《2023Table of Proposals for Selecting Key Projects for Decision Consulting in3Month6A few days ago in electronic form (worddocuments) submitted to the mailboxzhangwenrun@casssp.org.cn, and indicate "Name of Branch+Decision-making consulting key project selection ".

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