At the Central Rural Work Conference, Xi Jinping emphasized anchoring the goal of building a powerful agricultural country and earnestly doing a good job in agricultural and rural work.

Xi Jinping Stresses at Central Rural Work Conference

Anchoring the goal of building a powerful agricultural country

Do a good job in agricultural and rural work

Li Keqiang presided over

Li Qiang, Wang Huning, Han Zheng, Cai Qi, Ding and Xue Xiang attended

The Central Rural Work Conference was held in Beijing from December 23 to 24. Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, President of the State, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. He emphasized that comprehensively promoting rural revitalization and accelerating the construction of an agricultural power are the strategic deployment of the Party Central Committee with a view to building a modern socialist power in an all-round way. A strong country must first strengthen agriculture, and only when agriculture is strong can the country be strong. Without a strong agricultural country, there will be no modern power as a whole; without agricultural and rural modernization, socialist modernization is not comprehensive. We should make full efforts to do a good job in the work of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" focusing on rural revitalization, vigorously promote the modernization of agriculture and rural areas, and strive to speed up the construction of a powerful agricultural country.

Li Keqiang presided over the meeting. li qiang, wang huning, han zheng, cai qi, and ding xuexiang attended the meeting.

Xi Jinping pointed out that a strong agricultural country is the foundation of a modern and powerful socialist country. It is inseparable from agricultural development to meet the needs of the people for a better life, achieve high-quality development, and consolidate the foundation of national security. To build a powerful agricultural country, we should reflect Chinese characteristics, base on China's national conditions, based on the resource endowment of more people and less land, the historical background of agricultural civilization, and the requirements of the times of harmonious coexistence between man and nature. We should take our own road and not simply copy the mode of foreign modern agricultural power. We must rely on our own strength to hold the rice bowl firmly, rely on the two-tier management system to develop agriculture, develop ecological low-carbon agriculture, continue farming civilization, and steadily promote common prosperity. At present, it is necessary to anchor the goal of building a powerful agricultural country, scientifically plan and promote the work of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers", strengthen the top-level design, formulate a plan to speed up the construction of a powerful agricultural country, step by step, steadily and steadily, and do more things that lay the foundation and benefit the long-term; adjust measures to local conditions, pay attention to practical results, and solve the most urgent practical problems of agricultural and rural development and farmers.

Xi Jinping stressed that ensuring the stable and safe supply of grain and important agricultural products is always the top priority of building a powerful agricultural country. It is necessary to implement a new round of action to increase grain production capacity by 100 billion catties and promptly formulate an implementation plan. It is necessary to grasp the two key points of cultivated land and seeds, resolutely hold the red line of 1.8 billion mu of cultivated land, gradually build all permanent basic farmland into high-standard farmland, earnestly achieve results in the revitalization of the seed industry, and firmly hold the dominant varieties in their own hands. It is necessary to improve the mechanism for guaranteeing the income of grain farmers and the mechanism for compensating the interests of the main producing areas. To ensure food security, efforts should be made at both ends of production increase and loss reduction, and food conservation actions should be continuously deepened. It is necessary to establish a big food concept, build a diversified food supply system, and develop food sources in multiple ways. it is necessary to strictly assess and urge all localities to truly shoulder the responsibility of ensuring food security.

Xi Jinping pointed out that comprehensively promoting rural revitalization is an important task for building a powerful agricultural country in the new era, and human investment, material allocation, and financial security must be transferred to rural revitalization. It is necessary to comprehensively promote the "five revitalization" of industry, talents, culture, ecology, and organization, make overall arrangements, coordinate advancement, grasp key points, and make up for shortcomings. Industrial revitalization is the top priority of rural revitalization. It is necessary to implement industrial assistance policies, do a good job of "local products" articles, rely on agricultural and rural characteristic resources, and seek benefits from the development of multiple agricultural functions and the exploration of rural multiple values. The integrated development of industries requires benefits, strengthening the leader, supplementing the chain, developing business formats, and building brands, promoting the upgrading of the entire chain of rural industries, and enhancing market competitiveness and sustainable development capabilities. Consolidating and expanding the achievements of poverty alleviation is the bottom line task of comprehensively promoting rural revitalization. We should continue to tighten the responsibility of compaction, link up the policies and measures of poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation areas, and resolutely prevent the phenomenon of the whole village returning to poverty. We must insist on increasing farmers' income as the central task of the "three rural" work, and do everything possible to broaden the channels for farmers to increase their income and become rich.

Xi Jinping stressed that we should rely on the two-wheel drive of science and technology and reform to speed up the construction of an agricultural power. It is necessary to keep a close eye on the forefront of world agricultural science and technology, vigorously raise the level of agricultural science and technology in China, and speed up the realization of high-level agricultural science and technology self-reliance. Efforts should be made to improve the overall efficiency of the innovation system and solve the outstanding problems such as fighting separately, low-level repetition, and low conversion rate. We should take the key agricultural core technology as the guide, focus on chassis technology, core provenance, key agricultural machinery and equipment and other fields, give full play to the advantages of the new national system, integrate all kinds of advantageous scientific research resources at all levels, strengthen the dominant position of enterprise scientific and technological innovation, and build an agricultural science and technology innovation system with clear echelons, division of labor and cooperation, and moderate competition. It is necessary to build a national agricultural science and technology strategic force and support the construction of major innovation platforms in the agricultural field. To deepen rural reform, we must continue to properly handle the main line of the relationship between farmers and land, unify the strengthening of the foundation of collective ownership, the protection and realization of the rights of farmers' collective members with the activation of resource elements, and do a good job in the separation of rights and powers of rural collective resource assets. Perfect, so that the majority of farmers can share more results in the reform. It is necessary to do a solid job in extending the contract period for another 30 years to ensure that the original contract rights of most farmers remain stable and smoothly extended. It is necessary to develop moderate-scale operations, support the development of new business entities such as family farms and farmer cooperatives, accelerate the improvement of the agricultural socialized service system, and serve and drive small farmers well. It is necessary to steadily and cautiously promote the pilot reform of the rural homestead system, deepen the pilot project of rural collective operating construction land entering the market, and improve the land value-added income distribution mechanism. We should break down the institutional barriers that hinder the equal exchange and two-way flow of urban and rural elements, promote more development elements and various services to the countryside, and take the lead in breaking down the urban-rural dual structure in the county.

Xi Jinping emphasized that rural modernization is an inherent requirement and necessary condition for building a powerful agricultural country, and building a livable, workable and beautiful countryside is the proper meaning of a powerful agricultural country. It is necessary to promote agricultural modernization and rural modernization as a whole, and realize the overall improvement of the countryside from the surface to the inside, with both form and spirit. It is necessary to aim at the goal of "basically having modern living conditions in rural areas," organize and implement rural construction actions, especially to speed up the construction of public service facilities in epidemic prevention, old-age care, education, and medical care, and improve the completeness of rural infrastructure, the convenience of public services, and the comfort of the living environment, so that farmers can live a modern and civilized life on the spot. It is necessary to improve the rural governance system under the leadership of the party organization that combines autonomy, the rule of law, and the rule of virtue, so that the countryside is full of vitality, stable and orderly. It is necessary to strengthen the construction of spiritual civilization in rural areas, strengthen the education of the rule of law, promote the change of customs, guide farmers to handle affairs in accordance with the law, find the law when encountering problems, use the law to solve problems, resolve contradictions, and consciously abide by the village rules and regulations.

Xi Jinping pointed out that it is necessary to adhere to the principle of the party's leadership of the "three rural" work, improve the leadership system and working mechanism, and provide a strong guarantee for accelerating the construction of a powerful agricultural country. To adhere to the five-level secretary to grasp the revitalization of the countryside, the county party Committee secretary to be a good "front-line commander-in-chief". It is necessary to increase the training of agriculture-related cadres, improve the "three rural" work skills, improve the work style, and build a team of "three rural" cadres who are politically strong, adapt to the requirements of the new era, and have the ability to lead the construction of a powerful agricultural country. It is necessary to adhere to the combination of local training and external introduction, focus on strengthening the training of village party organization secretaries and leaders of new agricultural business entities, comprehensively improve the quality of farmers, and make good use of local talents; it is necessary to introduce a group of talents and guide university graduates in an orderly manner. To help them solve their worries, let them stay and start their own businesses. It is necessary to improve the village-level organizational system led by the village party organization, and build the rural grassroots party organization into a strong fighting fortress for effectively realizing the party's leadership.

When presiding over the meeting, Li Keqiang pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech, combined with the implementation of the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, focused on the overall situation of building a socialist modern power in an all-round way, and systematically explained the construction of an agricultural power, accelerating the modernization of agriculture and rural areas, and comprehensively A series of major theoretical and practical issues for rural revitalization have clarified the goals, tasks, strategic priorities and main directions of the current and, it has a very important guiding significance. We must conscientiously study and understand, adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and combine the theme of the conference and the actual work to implement the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the State Council.

In his concluding speech, Hu Chunhua said that General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech is a scientific guide and program of action for building a powerful agricultural country, accelerating the modernization of agriculture and rural areas, and comprehensively promoting rural revitalization. It is necessary to comprehensively study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on the work of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers", resolutely complete the basic tasks of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers", pay close attention to the production of grain and important agricultural products, consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation, and solidly promote livability, industry, and beauty. Rural construction, broaden the channels for farmers to increase income and become rich, and strengthen and improve rural governance. We must adhere to the five-level secretaries working together, proceed from the actual conditions of various regions, act in accordance with the laws of agriculture and rural areas, respect the wishes and pioneering spirit of farmers, and continuously improve the effectiveness of work. At present, it is necessary to focus on the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic in rural areas, strictly implement territorial responsibilities, strengthen epidemic prevention services for returning migrant workers and college Secondary specialized school students, strengthen medical security for key groups such as the elderly, young, sick, disabled and pregnant in rural areas, and maintain the health of rural residents and normal production and living order to the greatest extent possible.

The meeting discussed the "Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Doing a Good Job in Promoting the Key Work of Rural Revitalization in 2023 (Discussion Draft)."

Some members of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, secretary of the Secretariat of the Central Committee, and relevant leading comrades of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, the State Council, and the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference attended the meeting.

Members of the Central Rural work leading Group, principal responsible comrades of the party and government of all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government, cities under separate state planning, and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps, responsible comrades in charge of agricultural and rural work, responsible comrades of relevant departments of the central and state organs, relevant people's organizations, relevant financial institutions and enterprises, and relevant departments of the Central military Commission attended the meeting. The conference was held in the form of a teleconference, with sub-venues in all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.

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