"World-class Science and Technology Association Construction and Academic Publishing Experience" Sino-foreign Science and Technology Association Exchange Salon Held in Beijing

On October 29, the "Sino-foreign Science and Technology Association Exchange Salon" hosted by the Service Center of the Chinese Association for Science and Technology and undertaken by the Chinese Society for Science and Technology Policy was held in Beijing. The theme of this salon is "World-class Science and Technology Association Construction and Academic Publishing Experience", from AAAS, IEEE, American Chemical Society, Chinese Electronics Society, Chinese Physical Society, Chinese Geographical Society and other science and technology associations, Tsinghua University and other universities and research institutions More than 40 representatives attended the scene. Liu Yadong, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Service Center of the Chinese Association for Science and Technology, and Mu Rong, Chairman of the Chinese Society of Science and Technology Policy, gave a unique opening speech.

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Secretary Liu Yadong pointed out that academic publishing is an important part of the construction of first-class scientific and technological associations. At present, China has become a big periodical country, but there is still a lack of influential world-class journals, which has obvious disadvantages in the global scientific and technological competition. In order to better support the deep integration of my country's scientific and technological circles into the global innovation network, it is necessary to systematically study and judge the development status of scientific and technological journals, benchmark world-class, strengthen top-level design, highlight development priorities, fill shortcomings, and build a system mechanism and ecological guarantee for the sustainable development of academic publishing. Lay a solid foundation for the leapfrog development of my country's scientific and technological journals and help the construction of world-class scientific and technological associations.

Speech by Secretary Liu Yadong

Chairman Mu Rongping first introduced the basic situation of the research society and its international cooperation, and then combined with the current international environment, starting from the development mission of science and technology associations in the new era, emphasized the importance of mutual learning and mutual learning between science and technology associations, and The importance of promoting cooperation and exchanges through the publications of science and technology associations. Finally, Chairman Mu expressed that the Research Association, as a national society affiliated to the Association for Science and Technology, will take this opportunity to build a platform for exchanges and cooperation between Chinese science and technology associations and international science and technology associations, enhance exchanges between Chinese and foreign associations, and build a world-class science and technology Association provides suggestions.


Speech by Chairman Mu Rongping

This salon invited the heads of relevant domestic science and technology societies and foreign science and technology societies in China to give keynote speeches, including "Academic Publishing Activities of the American Association for the Advancement of Science" by Chu Xiaoying, head of the Asia-Pacific region of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, "Experience and Thinking of the Chinese Physical Society Journal" by Wang Jinping, Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese Physical Society, and "IEEE and Its Publishing Business" by Zhao Yongqian, Senior Director of IEEE Asia ", wang Huan, director of the International Department of the Chinese Electronics Society," Introduction to the Operation Mechanism and Journal of the Chinese Electronics Society ", Qiao Yinghong, doctor of the American Chemical Society," Best Practice of Journal Publishing of the American Chemical Society ", Wang Zhongfang, director of the Keyai Publishing House," howKeAi supports societies'excellence ", and Miao Chenxia, director of the Asian Science Editorial Council," ACSE's Preliminary Attempt to Create Society Journal ", etc. Professor Li Zhengfeng, Deputy Dean of the School of Social Sciences of Tsinghua University, and Researcher Zhang Guoyou, Secretary-General of the Chinese Geographical Society, respectively presided over the exchange and interactive sessions. Participants actively asked questions around the guests' speeches, and exchanged views on the current problems faced by scientific and technological societies in academic publishing. discussion.


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