The First China Digital Innovation Summit Forum was successfully held in the Yangtze River Delta (Jiangyin) Digital Innovation Port

26-28 November 2021The first China Digital Innovation Summit Forum and the second Digital Innovation and Management academic Annual meeting were held in the Yangtze River Delta (Jiangyin) Digital Innovation Port of Jiangyin Lingang Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province. Professor Mu Rongping, Chairman of the Chinese Society of Science and Technology Policy and Dean of the School of Public Policy and Management of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, delivered an opening speech for the conference. Xu Feng, Secretary of the Jiangyin Municipal Party Committee, Member of the Standing Committee of the Wuxi Municipal Party Committee, and Dean of the Zijin Strategic Research Institute of Nanjing University of Science and Technology Professor Zhang Jun delivered welcome speeches respectively.

With the theme of "Digital Empowering Innovation Drives the Future", this forum brought together experts and scholars from the government, universities, industry and other related fields to talk freely about the new ideas, new methods, and new paths of digital innovation in my country. "During the period, suggestions and suggestions for high-quality economic development.
At the forum, Professor Mu Rongping delivered a keynote speech entitled "Innovation-driven Digital Transformation Development. Other experts and scholars who gave keynote speeches at the conference were: Professor Chen Jin from the School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University gave an online report entitled "Digital Technology and Innovation Performance"; Professor Zhang Jun, Secretary of the Party Committee of Nanjing University of Science and Technology and Dean of Zijin Strategic Research Institute, "Digital Economy Practice in Traditional Manufacturing Areas for High-quality Development: Experience and Enlightenment of Digital Innovation Port in Yangtze River Delta (Jiangyin)"; "Digital Innovation Research in China: Opportunities, Confusion and Prospects" by Yu Jiang, Researcher of the Institute of Science and Technology Strategic Consulting of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; "Building an Integrated Advanced Manufacturing Development System in the Yangtze River Delta: Jiangsu Practice, Problems and Ideas" by Professor Li Qianmu, Director of the Information Division of Nanjing University of Technology and Vice Chairman of Jiangsu Association for Science and Technology; "Agricultural Product Indications in the Digital Context: Taking Geographical Indications as an Example" by Professor Zhang Mist of Dalian of Dalian University; "Theoretical Thinking and Research Prospect of Schumpeter's Innovation and Development under the Background of Digital Transformation" by Chen Kaihua, a researcher at the Institute of Science and Technology Strategy Consulting of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; "Digital Transformation of China's Copyright Industry" by Professor Mao Hao of Shanghai International Intellectual Property Institute of Tongji University; and "Digital Content Technology Trends and Innovative Application Frontier Thinking" by Tian Xiaojun of Tencent Research Institute.
The conference also held two parallel forums with the themes of "Digital Innovation and Regional Development" and "Digital Empowerment and Enterprise Innovation". Experts and scholars from all walks of life share and exchange research results and practical experience around topics such as industrial digitization, intellectual property operation and management, and enterprise digital transformation, and jointly explore theoretical frontiers and collide with ideological inspiration. it has realized the cross-integration of management, economics, digital technology and other disciplines.
This forum is co-sponsored by the Digital Innovation and Management Professional Committee of the Chinese Society for Science and Technology Policy, Nanjing University of Science and Technology and the People's Government of Jiangyin City. Professors Mu Rongping and Zhang Jun are honorary presidents of the conference, and Prof. Yu Jiang and Ma Lei are presidents of the conference. The conference was held in a combination of "online and offline", and activities such as sub-forum reports and committee meetings of the Digital Innovation and Management Committee were also organized. And from the papers submitted by more than a dozen colleges and universities across the country, excellent academic papers were selected. The Jiangyin Municipal Government also held an expert consultation meeting with participating experts on the future development of the Yangtze River Delta (Jiangyin) Digital Innovation Port.

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