The 17th China Science and Technology Policy and Management Annual Conference and Research Council Meeting (Second Round Notice)

The 17th China Science and Technology Policy and Management Academic Conference and Research Council will be held in Shenzhen University from October 16 to 17, 2021. The conference was sponsored by the Chinese Society of Science and Technology Policy, and co-sponsored by the editorial departments of Science Research, Scientific Research Management, Science and Science and Development Innovation and Policy (an international journal, funded by the International Influence Promotion Program of China Science and Technology Journals).

Professor Fang Xin, honorary chairman of the China Science and Technology Policy Research Association, served as the chairman of this annual meeting, and Professor Mu Rongping, chairman of the China Science and Technology Policy Research Association, served as the chairman of the academic committee of the conference.


This conference publicly solicits papers, and the outstanding papers are selected anonymously by experts. The society will issue certificates and recommend them to be published in the journals of "Science Research", "Scientific Research Management" and "Science and Science and Technology Management" according to the subject and journal requirements. At the same time, English articles are welcome to be submitted. Papers accepted at the conference will be recommended to Innovation and Development Policy (http://idp.casisd.cn/) for publication. Due to the epidemic, this year's meeting is to consider limiting the size of the meeting, teachers who intend to participate in the meeting and contribute to the meeting please be prepared to submit papers on merit to participate in the meeting.

1. Conference Themes and Topics

The theme of this conference is "Building a National Innovation System for Self-reliance and Self-reliance". It discusses the challenges, paths and countermeasures for the construction of a national innovation system for self-reliance and self-reliance in science and technology in the new era, and exchanges cutting-edge academic results from the three levels of strategy, policy, and management., Put forward new ideas, new methods and new measures to deal with new requirements, and contribute wisdom to the promotion of the 14th Five-year and medium and long-term development plan.

The detailed topics of the meeting (in no particular order) are not limited to the following:

1. Self-reliance of science and technology in the perspective of public policy

2. Chinese enterprise innovation and industrial policy in the context of digital economy

3. Methods and practices of technology foresight

4. Intellectual property rights and high-quality development

5. Innovative Development and Carbon Neutrality

6. Talent Policy and Management Innovation

7. Strengthen enterprise innovation and boost the construction of self-reliance and self-improvement innovation system

8. Science and Technology Projects and Smart Emergency Management

9. Building a national strategic scientific and technological force

10. Building Major Science and Technology Infrastructure in the New Era

11. The breaking and standing of scientific and technological evaluation.

12. Scientific and Technological Innovation and Regional Economic Development

13. Historical experience in building an independent scientific and technological innovation system

14. Information measurement and science and technology evaluation innovation to serve the development needs of the country.

15. The dissemination and popularization of science and technology in the context of the new scientific and technological revolution

16. New model of open cooperation in the context of scientific and technological self-reliance

17. Cross-Strait Regional Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Industrial Development

18. Digital Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Transformation under the New Development Pattern

19. Integration of innovation and coordinated regional development

20. Scientific research integrity and responsible innovation to ensure scientific and technological self-reliance

21. Construction of global science and technology innovation center

22. Science and Technology Policy and the Practice of Industrial Innovation

23. National innovation system theory, methods and evidence.

24. Theories, methods and evidence of transformational innovation.

25. National innovation development theory, methods and evidence.

26. Research on government innovation incentive tools and effects.

27. Open Science and the Research Paradigm

28. National innovation systems in the perspective of sociology of science

In addition to the above topics, submissions on other related topics of science and technology policy and management are also welcome.

2. Important Reminder

The submission time of the full text of the paper is from July 1 to September 1, 2021, and the submission requirements and methods will be announced in the third round of the meeting. The venue and hotel information to be confirmed, will be announced in the third round of the meeting notice.

3. talent recruitment

1. Proposed recruitment direction: science and technology innovation policy and management and related direction;

2. Types of recruiters: postdoctoral, university teachers and researchers of research institutes, etc;

3. Time: It is usually arranged in the afternoon of the second day of the meeting. See the explanation or notice when the specific time is reported;

4. Location: usually arranged in the same place as the meeting, the specific place to see the instructions or notice;

5. The unit to be recruited needs to submit application information to the secretariat of the society, including the number of people to be recruited, the specialty and whether recruitment space is needed, so as to arrange the table and interview space;

6. Candidates to be recruited need to submit application information to the secretariat of the Research Society in advance;

7. The recruitment booth is 500 yuan per booth (please contact the secretariat for invoices).

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May 14, 2021

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