Notice of China Digital Innovation and Management Summit Forum and Digital Innovation and Management Academic Annual Conference (2021) (First Round)

The first China Digital Innovation and Management Summit Forum and Digital Innovation and Management (2021) Annual Conference is sponsored by the China Science and Technology Policy Research Association and the Digital Innovation and Management Professional Committee. It is a professional academic forum for researchers and practitioners in the field of digital innovation management. This forum will be held from August 27 to August 29, 2021 at the campus of Nanjing University of Technology (Jiangyin, Wuxi). The theme of the forum is "Digital Empowerment Innovation Driven", discussing the path, challenges and countermeasures of the construction of digital economy in the new era of rapid development of digital economy and building an innovation-driven country. Through this forum, we will exchange academic achievements, put forward new ideas, new policies, and new models for the development of digital innovation, and make suggestions and suggestions for achieving the goals and tasks of high-quality development and construction during the 14th Five-Year Plan.

1. MeetingEssay Theme

The topics of this meeting include but are not limited:

1. Digital Innovation Theory and Methods

2. Enterprise Innovation and Management Driven by Digital Technology

3. Enterprise Digital Transformation Strategy

Digital Innovation and Industry Digitalization

Digital Innovation and Digitalization of Services

Digital Innovation and Manufacturing Servitization

7. Digital Innovation and Digital Industrialization

8. Digital Platform Innovation Ecosystem Management

9. Open source platform ecosystem development strategy and management methods

10. Digital Innovation and Industrial Internet Platform Construction

11. Breakthrough "stuck neck" technology key path and method research.

12. Digital Technology and Intellectual Property Operations Management

Digital Industry Technology Standards and Intellectual Property Strategy

Digital Innovation and Governance

15. Urban Smart Brain and Digital Management

16. Digital Governance in Grassroots Communities

Regional Digital Innovation Policy and Economic Development

New Technologies, New Business and Regional Development

19. Digital Talent Training Strategy

20. Digital Technology and Rural Revitalization

2. solicitation requirements

1. Thesis Requirements

The paper can be written in both Chinese and English, and the full text must be submitted. In principle, the length of the paper should be controlled at about 8000 words. The writing of the paper should refer to the format requirements of the journal Science Research.

2. Paper Submission

Send the electronic version to the contribution mailbox of the conference affairs group. please indicate in the email subject to "China's first digital innovation and management summit forum and digital innovation and management academic annual conference" (please indicate the author's name, contact unit, address, zip code, telephone or mobile phone, e-mail at the same time).

3. conference costs

1. Conference registration fee: 800 yuan/person for teacher representatives and 500 yuan/person for graduate representatives (student ID card is required for registration). The registration fee includes conference meals, venue fees, information fees, etc.

2. Transportation and accommodation expenses

3. Meeting fee payment account:

Account Name: China Science and Technology Policy Research Association

Bank of Account: Agricultural Bank of China, Beijing Academy of Sciences South Road Sub-branch

Bank account number: 11250101040005921

4. important time node

Deadline for submission of full papers: 24: 00 on August 15, 2021

Deadline for registration and accommodation reservation: 24: 00 on July 15, 2021

Contact Information of 5. Meeting Group

Submission mailbox: tg1515056@163.com

Meeting contact: Yi Chao male Zhang Yuwei

Contact email: lx1515056@126.com

6. other important information:

In order to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control during the meeting, participants should strengthen their awareness of epidemic prevention and control responsibility and strictly abide by the relevant provisions of epidemic prevention and control. If there is any discomfort, it is necessary to inform the meeting team. More epidemic prevention and control requirements are based on the latest epidemic prevention and control policies issued by Jiangsu Province and the information on the Society's website.

If the meeting arrangement is adjusted due to changes in the epidemic prevention and control situation, the organizer will notify separately. Please keep an eye on the latest meeting notice or contact the meeting team for information.

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