The First Symposium on "Standardization Theory and Policy"

· Background of the 1. meeting

Standards are the technical support for economic activities and social development, and are an important aspect of the national basic system. In the process of the fourth industrial revolution characterized by networking, intelligence and digitization, standardization is playing an irreplaceable basic role. The leading role of standards in the development of science and technology has become increasingly prominent, and the supporting role of standards in economic development has been significantly enhanced. It has become a broad consensus around the world that standards promote sustainable development. Countries are competing to formulate 2030-oriented standardization strategies. The "National Standardization Development Program" issued in October 2021 has set goals and blueprints for my country's standardization development, marking that standardization has risen to the national strategic level. In this context, in order to build a national standardization theory and policy academic exchange platform, share cutting-edge research results, and promote high-quality economic and social development, the Innovation and Development Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the School of Economics and Management of China Metrology University plan to be held on October 23, 2022 The first academic seminar on "Standardization Theory and Policy" was held.

2. conference theme and content

This seminar is"Grasp the Opportunities in the Digital Economy Era and Talk about the New Trend of Standardization Research"This paper discusses the status and role of standardization in the digital economy, the development trend of standard digitization, the interaction mechanism between standards and innovation, and the standardization policy of digital economy. The aim is to analyze the theories, methods and paths of standardization to promote the development of digital economy through interdisciplinary cross-vision, and to explore how to apply these theories to the frontier issues of digital economy development and serve the major national development strategy in the new era.

The conference includes two parts: a special report and a theme report. The Chinese Academy of Engineering, the Fraunhofer Institute of Systems and Innovation in Germany, the Institute of Strategic Consulting of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Jilin University, Hunan University, China Institute of Standardization, etc. Well-known scholars and experts from domestic and foreign universities and research institutions participated and exchanged reports.

Organization of the 3. Conference


Research Center for Innovation and Development, Chinese Academy of Sciences

School of Economics and Management, China Metrology University

The Belt and Road Regional Standardization Research Center of China University of Metrology

Group Standards Working Committee of China Science and Technology Policy Research Association

Support Unit:

China Science and Technology Policy Research Association

China-EU Science and Technology Innovation Development Research Center

4. time and place

Time:October 23, 2022Sessions for 1 day.

Venue: This seminar is an online conference, and the whole process is in the form of Tencent conference and online live broadcast.

TencentMeeting number: 926-817-702, membership password: 123456.

5. Meeting Schedule


Meeting schedule

Opening Ceremony and Invited Report (8:30-10:00)

Moderator: Professor Le


Speech by Researcher Mu Rongping, Chairman of China Science and Technology Policy Research Association


Speech by Professor Song Mingshun, Former President of China Metrology University


Invited Expert: Academician Wu Hequan

"Standards Leading the Development of Digital Economy" Theme Report (10:00-12:00)

Moderator: Prof. Suli Cheng


Speaker: Researcher Yu Jiang (Institute of Science and Technology Strategy Consulting, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Topic: Standards and Innovative Thinking under the Condition of Deep Digitalization


Speaker: Wang Yiyi, Researcher (China National Institute of Standardization)

Topic: Development Trend of Standards Digital Transformation


Speaker: Prof. Liang Zheng (Tsinghua University)

Title: A Preliminary Study on the Role of Standardization in Artificial Intelligence Governance


Speaker: Professor Zhou Lijun (China University of Metrology)

Research on the Evolution Path of Mobile Communication Industry from the Perspective of Technical Standard Life Cycle


Lunch and lunch break

"Standardization and Innovation in the Digital Economy Era" Theme Report (14:00-16:00)

Moderator: Professor Hou Junjun


Speaker: Professor Jiang Hong (Jilin University)

Title: Research on Standardization Knowledge Management in the Context of Technical Standards Alliance


Speaker: Professor Zhou Qing (Hangzhou Dianzi University)

Title: Research on the Governance Configuration of the "Belt and Road" Enterprise Technical Standards Alliance-Based on the Concept of "Co-consultation, Co-construction and Sharing"


Speaker: Professor Fang Fang (Hunan University)

Title: International Experience and Reference of Digital Government Standardization Construction


Speaker: Professor Cui Weijun (Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology)

Topic: Chinese enterprise standard internationalization path

Invited Report and Closing Ceremony (16:00-17:10)

Moderator: Professor Lu Tongyu


Invited expert: Professor Knut Blind (Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation, Germany)


Closing Speech by Fellow Chen Guang, Secretary-General of the Chinese Society for Science and Technology Policy

6. contact information

This seminar does not charge any fees. Experts and scholars, teachers and students, and industry professionals who are interested in standardization theory and policy research are sincerely welcome to participate in this seminar.

Meeting group contact information:

Xu Dan, 19857118096

Fan Shiwei, 13867141550

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