Notice of the 2nd China Digital Innovation Summit Forum and Digital Innovation and Management Academic Annual Conference (2022)

The 2nd China Digital Innovation Summit Forum and Digital Innovation and Management Annual Conference (2022)Digital Innovation and Management Professional Committee of China Science and Technology Policy Research Association, Hebei Digital Economy Federation, Hebei Normal University, Hebei News Networkhost,Business School of Hebei Normal University, National University of Science and Technology Network Innovation and Development Research Center, etc.It is the third annual academic conference on digital innovation and management sponsored by the digital innovation and management professional committee of China Science and technology policy research association. It aims to explore and exchange academic research on digital innovation and management in the era of digital intelligence, digital economy industry innovation and other fields. This forum will be3-5 December 2022InZhengding New District, Hebei ProvinceHeld. Zhengding is an integral part of the China (Hebei) Pilot Free Trade Zone and the permanent venue of the China International Digital Economy Expo.

The theme of this forum is"Digital innovation enables high-quality development", mainly discusses the influence of digital innovation and management on economic and social quality change, efficiency change and power change in the era of digital intelligence. Through this forum, we will exchange academic achievements, put forward new ideas, new policies and new models for the development of digital innovation, and make suggestions and suggestions for the realization of the goals and tasks of the 14th five-year Plan innovation system.

This forum continues to adhere to"High-level, strong academic, cutting-edge"The principle of the meeting, carry forward"Active innovative thinking, follow up international frontiers, exchange academic ideas, promote cooperation and improvement, and promote digital innovation and management research to empower the future."The purpose of the meeting, the meeting arranged the conference keynote report, summit forum, sub-forum report and special committee meeting and other activities.


Organization of the 1. Conference


Digital Innovation and Management Committee of China Science and Technology Policy Research Association

Hebei Federation of Digital Economy

Hebei News Network

Hebei Normal University


Business School of Hebei Normal University

National University of Science and Technology Network Innovation and Development Research Center

Hebei Province New Key Cultivation Think Tank "Modern Service and Public Policy Soft Science Research Base"

Innovation-driven Development Research Center, Hebei Academy of Social Sciences

Supporting Journals

Scientific Studies

Scientific Research Management

Science of Science and Management of Science and Technology

Research and Development Management

Science and Technology Progress and Countermeasures

Tsinghua Management Review

《International Journal of Innovation Studies》

《Journal of Digital Economy》

Innovative Technology

Journal of Nanjing University of Science and Technology (Social Science Edition)

Hebei Academic Journal

Journal of Hebei Normal University (Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition)


2. Essay Theme

The theme of this conference is"Digital innovation enables high-quality development". The development of digital technology, represented by big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and the Internet of things, is reshaping the economic system of innovation and development, which has a lot of impact on innovation behavior, innovation process and the integration of regional innovation resources. Therefore, accelerating digital innovation has become the only way to promote high-quality economic development. As a new innovation model, digital innovation has become a hot topic for scholars at home and abroad to explore its related theory and practice. The topics of this meeting include but are not limited:

Theory and Method of Digital Innovation

Enterprise Innovation and Management Driven by Digital Technology

Digital Technology and Major Application Scenario Innovation

Enterprise Digital Transformation Strategy

Digital Innovation and Industry Digitalization

Digital Innovation and Digital Industrialization

Digital Innovation and Service Industry Digitalization

Digital Innovation and Manufacturing Servitization

Digital Platform Innovation Ecosystem Management

Development Strategy and Management Method of Open Source Platform Ecosystem

Digital Innovation and Industrial Internet Platform Governance and Practice

Research on the key path and method of breaking through the "stuck neck" technology

Digital Technology and Intellectual Property Operation Management

Digital Industry Technology Standards and Intellectual Property Strategy

Digital Innovation and Government Governance

Urban Smart Brain and Management Digitalization

Regional Digital Innovation Policy and Coordinated Economic Development

New Technology, New Business and Regional Development

digital talent training strategy

Digital Innovation and Common Prosperity

Digital Technology and Rural Revitalization


3. solicitation requirements

1. Thesis Requirements

The paper can be written in both Chinese and English, and the full text must be submitted. In principle, the length of the paper should be controlled at about 8000 words. The writing of the paper should refer to the format requirements of the journal Science and Science and Technology Management.

2. Paper Submission

Please20 NovemberBefore sending the electronic version to the conference group's submission mailbox for sxymeeting@hebtu.edu.cn, please be sure to indicate in the email subject to "2022 China Digital Innovation Summit Forum and the 3rd Annual Conference on Digital Innovation and Management"(Please indicate the author's name, contact unit, address, zip code, telephone or mobile phone, e-mail at the same time).


4. meeting time, place and main agenda

1. Meeting time:Report for duty on December 3, full-day meeting on December 4 and departure on December 5.

2. Meeting place: Zhengding New District, Hebei Province (Hebei Hotel Anyue Hotel, No. 6 Anyue Street, Zhengding New District, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, Hotel Tel: 0311-85255555)

3. Main agenda:The session consisted of two phases: plenary sessions and sub-forum reports.

In the morning, there will be a plenary meeting. In addition to the opening ceremony and the keynote report of the conference, there will also be a summit forum meeting; in the afternoon, there will be a sub-forum report (for details, see the conference manual provided at the time of participation).


5. conference costs

1. Conference registration fee:The registration fee for teacher representatives is 700 yuan/person, and the registration fee for graduate representatives is 500 yuan/person (student ID card is required for registration). The registration fee includes conference meals, venue fees, information fees, etc.

2, transportation and accommodation expenses.

3, meeting fee payment method:

(1) Pay by credit card on site (Note: Invoices need to be issued later, mailed or emailed)

(2) Advance transfer and remittance, financial account information is as follows:

Account Name: China Science and Technology Policy Research Association

Bank of Account: Agricultural Bank of China Beijing Academy of Sciences South Road Sub-branch

Bank account number: 11250101040005921

Please pay the conference fee directly to the above account, and make a note when remitting the money: China Digital Innovation Summit Forum conference fee!!! After transfer and remittance, please contact Mr. Wang Jiqiang and provide the invoicing information of the participants (name of the company, unified social credit code, amount, payment time, preferably transfer and remittance records) so as to uniformly issue invoices in advance.


6. important time node

Deadline for submission of full-text papers: 24: 00 on November 20, 2022


Contact Information of 7. Meeting Group

Submission mailbox:


Meeting contact:

Zhang Bin 15246663296 (same as WeChat)

Wang Jiqiang 13260439597 (same as WeChat)


8. traffic route

1, Shijiazhuang Zhengding International Airport bus route:

Scheme 1 (Taxi): Special lane for taxi outside No.6 on the first floor of the airport terminal

Scheme 2 (bus): take bus no 156 at terminal 2 of the airport → zhengding bus station, turn to bus no 143 → get off at the south entrance of yuanboyuan street (the bus station is located on the west side of anyue hotel, 50 meters south and 200 meters east at the north junction)

2. Train Station Routes:

(1) Shijiazhuang Station

Scheme 1 (fastest): exit from the east square of the railway station, subway line 2 (Liuxinzhuang direction) → beiguo mall station, turn to subway line 1 (fuze direction) → Convention and exhibition center station (southwest exit c), bus stop of Convention and exhibition center subway station → Hebei hotel anyue (get off and walk 200 meters west to the north of the junction)

Scheme 2 (less transfer): the exit of the east square of the railway station, subway line 3 (Lexiang direction) → dongwang station (d northwest exit) → 300 meters north, crossing the junction west, Huaxing garden station, bus 177 (garden expo garden direction) → get off at the south entrance of garden expo garden street (the bus stop is located on the west side of anyue hotel, 50 meters south and 200 meters north of the junction east)

(2) Shijiazhuang North Station

After leaving the station, take bus no 88 → huayao station, walk to the northeast corner of the junction, huayao station take bus no 177 (direction of garden expo garden) → get off at the south entrance of garden expo garden street (the bus station is located on the west side of anyue hotel, 50 meters south and 200 meters east north of the junction)

(3) Shijiazhuang East Railway Station

Metro Line 1 (Fuze direction) → Convention and Exhibition Center Station (Exit C Southwest), Convention and Exhibition Center Subway Station Bus Station → Hebei Hotel Anyue (get off and walk 200 meters west to the north of the junction)


9. other important information

1. Please provide 48-hour nucleic acid test certificate (show health code and travel code) when reporting.

2. If the meeting arrangement is adjusted due to changes in the epidemic prevention and control situation, the organizer will notify separately. Please keep an eye on the latest meeting notice or contact the meeting team for information.


China Science and Technology Policy Research Association

October 20, 2022

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