Symposium on "Patent Quality from the Perspective of Global Innovation"

1. Conference Background

Promoting high-quality development is an inevitable requirement for maintaining sustained and healthy economic development, and innovation is the first driving force for development. At present, China is realizing the transformation from a big country of introducing intellectual property rights to a big country of creation, from pursuing quantity to improving quality. High-quality patent rights are the strategic resources of national development and the core elements of international competitiveness. How to effectively respond to the development requirements of new technology, new economy and new situation, accurately locate the national high-quality patent resources from the perspective of global innovation, and effectively balance the linkage relationship between domestic and international, demand and supply, quantity and quality, efficiency and value, is a major issue for the construction of a powerful country with intellectual property rights and high-level scientific and technological innovation. This academic seminar will be guided by the goal of high-quality development of the ''Outline for the Construction of a Powerful Intellectual Property Country (2021-2035) '', analyze the historical changes in the transfer of modern world technology centers, and discover the quality differences of national patents from the perspective of global innovation. Observe the opportunities and challenges in my country's patent quality issues from the multi-dimensional perspectives of industries, regions, enterprises, and institutions, and seek the reform path of national patent quality governance.


2. organizational unit


Shanghai International Institute of Intellectual Property, Tongji University

Shanghai Intellectual Property Research Association


Shanghai Bixing Law Firm

Guiding unit:

China Science and Technology Policy Research Association


3. Keynote Speech

Moderator: Mao Hao

Historical Investigation of the Transfer of Modern World Technology Center (Sun Yutao)

US Patent Quality from the Perspective of Global Innovation (Lei Zhen)

The Value of Chinese Patents from the Perspective of Global Innovation (Huang Can)

Investigation on Patent Quality of Key Industries in China (Li Yan)

China Overseas Invention Patent Quality Survey (Dang Jianwei)

China's innovative enterprises card neck technology patent breakthrough-scientific instrument industry observation (Liu Xiaobin)

Patent Quality Observation from the Agency's Perspective (Wang Weibin)

Patent Quality Problems and Their Governance Dilemma (Wen Jiachun)


4. meeting time

October 28, 2022 (Friday) 19:00-21:30


5. mode of participation

Tencent Meeting: 466 810 610

Password: 221028


6. contacts

Zhao Xiaofeng Tongji University Shanghai International Intellectual Property Institute

Mobile phone: 18817616318

Email: 1750627@tongji.edu.cn

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