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The 14th (2022) China Youth Innovation Forum (First Round Notice)

The 14th (2022) China Youth Innovation Forum will be held in Beijing on August 20, 2022. This forum is sponsored by the Chinese Society of Science and Technology Policy, and jointly organized by the School of Public Policy and Management of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Science and Technology Strategy Consulting of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Co-organized by the editorial departments of Science and Science and Technology Management and Innovation and Development Policy.

This forum will focus on the theme of "challenges and strategies for innovation and development in the new era", focusing on science and technology investment, talent development, digital transformation, open innovation, institutional innovation and other topics for exchange and discussion. The forum plans to invite experts in relevant fields to explain the frontier direction and problems of innovation research, so as to help China's youth innovation research and promote the growth of outstanding young talents.

The forum sincerely invites young scholars and graduate students in the field of innovative research at home and abroad to participate in the exchange and share the results. The outstanding papers selected anonymously by experts will be awarded certificates by the society and recommended to be published in the journals of scientific research, scientific research management and science and technology management according to the theme and journal requirements. The forum welcomes contributions from English articles, and the participating papers will be published in the international journal Innovation and Development Policy (

1. Important Reminder

1. The title and abstract of the paper will be submitted from June 1 to June 15, 2022;
2. The submission time of the full text of the paper is from July 15 to July 31, 2022;
3. The submission time of the receipt of participation is from July 15 to July 31, 2022;
4. Meeting format According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the offline meeting will be reported on August 19.
5. The title, abstract, full text and receipt shall be announced in the next round of notice.

2. Contact Information

Sun Qian: 13269211706,
Guo Rui: 13031188655,
Yang Jie: 15901259232,

China Science and Technology Policy Research Association

5 April 2022

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