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The UK Research and Innovation Agency Launches Two Fundamental Research Integrity Research Projects

The UK Research and Innovation Agency (UKRI) is currently organising two research and research projects on research integrity to gather extensive information and evidence on how to further safeguard research integrity in the UK.

One project is a collaboration between UKRI and the GuildHE Consortium for Higher Education and Cancer Research UK to explore measures of research integrity. By looking for and developing effective, reliable, ethical and practical indicators that address key aspects of research integrity, such as honesty, rigor and transparency, it is helpful to keep abreast of improvements and shortcomings in research culture and environment in different contexts. To this end, UKRI has made this a key task in improving its policies. It will conduct surveys and initiate discussions at the national and international levels around the establishment of indicators and how to proceed. It will also provide reference information for the newly established UK Research Integrity Council (UK CORI).

Another project is to take into account the many responsibilities that funders, publishers and scientific institutions have in ensuring good research conduct, including the responsibility to share information with the relevant organizations when problems are identified. To this end, UKRI has jointly organized a series of seminars and workshops with partners to understand current practices, trends and challenges in this area. The results of the investigation and study will be released in the form of a comprehensive report to provide a preliminary evidence basis for future work in this area.

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The article is contributed by the Professional Committee of Scientific Research Integrity and Responsible Innovation of the China Science and Technology Policy Research Association.

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