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Notice of the 17th National Symposium on Technology Foresight

In order to strengthen the exchange and cooperation of technology foresight research and further give full play to the important role of technology foresight in science and technology management and decision-making, the "17th National Symposium on Technology Foresight" co-sponsored by the China Academy of Science and Technology Development Strategy, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Science and Technology Strategy Consulting Institute, Shanghai Institute of Science and Technology, and the Technology Foresight Professional Committee of the China Science and Technology Policy Research Association will be held in Zhengzhou from September 22 to 23, 2022.

1. conference theme and content

With the theme of "Technology Foresight and High-level Science and Technology Self-reliance", the conference discussed the leading and supporting role of technology foresight in accelerating my country's construction of a scientific and technological power and achieving high-level scientific and technological self-reliance, grasping future scientific and technological development trends, and enhancing technology foresight methods and practices And application exchanges.

The meeting will invite relevant leaders and well-known experts and scholars from the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and local science and technology authorities, science and technology management and policy research institutions, universities and scientific research institutions.

2.Organization of the Conference

Support Unit:

China Science and Technology Policy Research Association


China Academy of Science and Technology Development Strategy, Ministry of Science and Technology

Institute of Science and Technology Strategy Consulting, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Shanghai Institute of Science

Technology Foresight Committee of China Science and Technology Policy Research Association


Henan "innovation and technology" magazine

3.Conference essay

The conference is open to the vast number of relevant scientific and technological workers and researchers, and the papers accepted by the conference will be included in the conference proceedings. The content of the contribution should belong to the author's scientific research achievements, and the data are true and reliable, and have not been published publicly. The number of words in the paper should be more than 5000 words.

The author of the paper is requested to send the full text of the paper to the mailbox. The title of the mail should be marked "Contribution of the 17th Technology Foresight Conference in 2022", and the author's name, contact unit, address, zip code, telephone or mobile phone, and e-mail should be indicated in the mail.

The writing requirements of the paper should be in accordance with the submission requirements of "Innovation and Technology. Please be sure to submit the paper on time, so as not to affect the paper included in the conference paper collection.

Deadline for receiving conference papers: August 31, 2022.

The conference topics and essay references include the following (including but not limited to):

1. Theory, Methods and Practice of Technology Foresight at Home and Abroad

2. Establishment of long-term mechanisms for national and local technology foresight

3. Research on vision and demand for economic development facing the "14th Five-Year Plan" and the long-term goal of 2035

4. The supporting role of technology foresight in achieving a high level of scientific and technological self-reliance

5. Technology Foresight Research under Dual Carbon Target

6. Build a new technology foresight method system and application scenario based on big data, artificial intelligence and block chain

7. Research on the evolution of disruptive technological innovation under the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation

8. Application of Technology Foresight in Independent Innovation of Enterprises

9, the future industry's key common technology foresight.

10. Research and Practice of Technology Roadmap Methodology for Strategic Emerging Industries

11, Technology Maturity Analysis and Prediction in Product Development

12, technology foresight and multi-method integration innovation to help the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries case analysis.

4.Meeting time and place

Meeting time: September 22-23, 2022 (report on the 21st and evacuate on the 24th)

Meeting place: Zhengzhou

5.Meeting expenses

Meeting fee: 1000 yuan/person (including expert report fee, venue fee, information fee, review fee, etc.); 500 yuan/person for students studying. Accommodation for participants will be arranged in a unified way at their own expense. The payment method of participants is bank-to-public transfer or on-site code scanning.

Transfer remittance unit name: Henan "innovation and technology" magazine

Remittance account number: 411060200010149061720

Bank of deposit: Zhengzhou Zhenger Street Sub-branch of Bank of Communications

PS: Name Technology Foresight Annual Meeting Fee

6.Contact Information

In order to facilitate the participants to contact the conference affairs group in time and consult the contents of the conference, the contact information for the contribution of papers and the receipt of participation in the conference are set up respectively. Please contact the participants separately.

(1) Paper submission contact person

Shao Bingxin: 15136260729


(2) Meeting Receipt and Meeting Consultation Contact Person

Ouyang Xi: 18538152771


The deadline for registration is September 9, 2022. Please fill in the registration form and send the receipt to the by email.

7.Other matters

Participants should actively implement the epidemic prevention and control measures, meet or follow the following basic requirements:

1, affected by the outbreak of new crown pneumonia, all participants need to promise that they have not been to medium and high-risk areas in the past 14 days.

2. Participants should show "health code" and "travel code" and cooperate with body temperature detection.

3. During the meeting, participants should take personal protection and try to avoid gathering in places with high mobility.

China Science and Technology Policy Research Association

July 3, 2022

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