Chairman Mu Rongping served as co-chairman of the 315th "Shuangqing Forum" and made a keynote report.

On August 30, 2022, the 315 Shuangqing Forum of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (hereinafter referred to as "NSFC")Basic research strategy in the context of security and development"It was successfully held in Beijing. The forum is co-sponsored by the Planning and Policy Bureau of the Natural Science Foundation of China, the Department of Life Sciences, and the Department of Management Sciences. Researcher Mu Rongping, Chairman of the Research Association, and Rao Zihe, Academician of Tsinghua University, jointly serve as the chairman of the forum. Yao Yupeng, Deputy Director of the Planning and Policy Bureau of the Natural Science Foundation of China, presided over the opening ceremony, and Secretary-General Han Yu delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. Academician Zhou Xiangyu, Academician Luo Jianbin and more than 40 experts from domestic universities and scientific research institutes, as well as relevant staff of the Natural Science Foundation of China attended the forum.

Researcher Mu Rongping, Chairman of the China Science and Technology Policy Research Association, Professor Chen Jin, Vice Chairman, Professor Liu Xilin, and Researcher Fan Chunliang, Director of the Science and Technology Policy Committee, were invited to speak as experts, and Researcher Chen Kaihua, Director of the Youth Working Committee of the Research Association, served as this time Member of the secretary group of the forum.

Chairman Mu Rongping made 《Strategic thinking on basic research to ensure national security and development"The theme report pointed out that the role of basic research in science and technology, economy, society, and national defense security and development has become increasingly prominent, and its importance in ensuring national security and development and responding to international competition has become more obvious. After years of development, my country's basic research has made remarkable achievements in input, output, talent training, and discipline layout, but there is still a big gap compared with the world's scientific and technological powers. The urgency of basic research empowering key core technologies has become increasingly prominent. The basic research funding management system is difficult to cope with changes in the international competitive environment, basic research funding methods, organizational methods, platform construction, talent development, and strategic research still need to be further improved. Finally, Chairman Mu Rongping gave ideas and suggestions on how to effectively promote the implementation of basic research strategies in the context of national security and development.

"Shuangqing Forum" is an academic seminar organized by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and it is one of the important ways for the Natural Science Foundation of China to determine priority investment areas. The purpose of the forum is to focus on the scientific frontier or the deep-seated scientific issues required by the national development strategy, the major basic scientific issues of interdisciplinary and comprehensive, and the major policy and management issues of the development and improvement of the science fund system, so as to provide decision-making basis for the funding and management policies of the science fund.

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