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The 17th Annual Conference on China's Science and Technology Policy and Management Held at Shenzhen University

From October 16 to 17, 2021, the 17th China Science and Technology Policy and Management Academic Annual Conference and the Council of China Science and Technology Policy Research Association, sponsored by Shenzhen University, and co-sponsored by the School of Management of Shenzhen University, the editorial department of Science and Technology Research, the editorial department of Science and Technology Management, and the editorial department of Innovation and Development Policy, were held in Shenzhen University (Lihu Campus). With the theme of "building a national innovation system for self-reliance and self-improvement", more than 600 experts and scholars from universities, scientific research institutes and industries across the country gathered together. Li Qingquan, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Shenzhen University, delivered a welcome speech, and Fang Xin, Honorary Chairman of the Chinese Society for Science and Technology Policy, delivered an opening speech.

Fang XinOpening Remarks by Honorary Chairman

During the two-day annual meeting, ten experts and scholars made a wonderful conference report on how different subjects such as cities, enterprises and new R & D institutions realize innovation and development under the background of "building a national innovation system oriented to self-reliance and self-improvement", including chairman mu rongping's "strengthening the function of urban innovation engine, shaping new advantages of high-quality development", "Paradox of Science and Technology Paradigm under Sustainable Development" by Vice Chairman Hu Zhijian, Dean of the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology Development Strategy, "Public Policy Thinking on Transformation and Innovative Growth" by Researcher Tang Jie, Chief of the Academy of Military Sciences Expert You Guangrong and Vice Chairman "Improving the National Strategic System, improving the National Strategic Ability", Wu Jiannan, Vice Chairman of the Department of Liberal Arts Construction of Shanghai Jiaotong University, "This" sea "is not the other" sea ': reflections on the "hierarchy" in the digital era, "why innovation drives entrepreneurship to continue-based on the perspective of ability" by Cai Li, vice chairman of Jilin University, "analysis of the innovative state of governance of new R & D institutions" by Li Lianshui, executive president of Wuxi Taihu University, "how can enterprises effectively integrate themselves and supply chain network capabilities to enhance operational resilience" by Li Yuan, vice chairman of Tongji University, and director of Tsinghua University Technology Innovation Research Center vice Chairman Chen Jin's "Science and Technology Innovation from the Perspective of Common Prosperity" and Vice Chairman Wei Jiang, Dean of the School of Management of Zhejiang University, "Anti-monopoly and Governance of Platform Economy".

Mu Rongping delivered a keynote speech

Conference guests delivered keynote speeches

On the evening of October 16, the Research Association held the third meeting of the eighth session of the Council, and Chairman Mu Rongping presided over the meeting. The meeting listened to the report of the Organizational Working Committee on the work of members and branches, reviewed and approved the addition of directors. The meeting passed in principle the "Chinese Science and Technology Policy Research Association Group Member Management Measures" and "Chinese Science and Technology Policy Research Association Projects and Revision of the Funding Management Measures," Administrative Measures for the Addition of Executive Directors and Directors of the Chinese Science and Technology Policy Research Association "and other systems.

A total of 29 sub-venues were set up at the annual meeting, as well as two thematic dialogues on "Building a National Innovation System for Self-reliance and Self-improvement" and "Hotspots and Frontiers in Science and Technology Policy Research". Sun Dongbai, Zhang Shiyun, Li Zhengfeng, Fan Chunliang, Liu Yun, Wang Juhong, winners of the Outstanding Youth Award and some outstanding papers made speeches and interacted with the audience.

A total of nearly 500 papers were received at this annual academic conference. The academic committee of the annual conference selected 10 outstanding papers through an anonymous review process, and recommended them to be published in "Scientific Research", "Scientific Research Management" and "Science and Science and Technology Management". Chairman Mu Rongping, Vice Chairman Li Guang, and Vice Chairman Hu Zhijian awarded honorary certificates to outstanding paper authors.

At the same time, the annual meeting was broadcast live online, with more than 21000 viewers.

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