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[Paper Express] Research on the Academic Impact of Falsified Papers from the Perspective of Full-text Citation Analysis

Abstract:Through the full-text citation analysis of the cited literature, it shows the micro-impact of the highly cited fake papers on the academic community and the changes in the impact before and after the revocation, and reveals the reasons for its greater impact in the academic community and the role of the scientific self-correction mechanism. Firstly, a full-text citation analysis framework is constructed, including the dimensions of citation sentiment, citation function, citation object and citation importance. Then, a representative highly cited revocation paper is selected as a case sample in the field of natural science and social science. Based on the construction of the full-text citation analysis framework, the citation literature of these two papers is manually marked and described in each dimension. High-impact fake papers have a huge impact on the academic community, but they need to be viewed in a comprehensive and dialectical manner. Its high citation frequency is related to the value of the fake paper itself and the academic citation fashion. The role of scientific self-correction mechanism shows the differences in the field of discipline. The ability to identify problems exists in the field of natural science, and the purification effect of paper withdrawal is also better. In the field of social science, there is basically no internal error correction mechanism based on scientific knowledge itself, and the revocation of papers has no significant effect on the purification of its subsequent effects. The mechanism of repetitive research largely affects the performance difference between the two in self-correction, including the motivation and feasibility of repetitive research.


Key words:Fake paper; Full text citation analysis; Withdrawal paper; Academic influence; Scientific self-correction; Repetitive research


Abstract:Based on citation analysis in full-text to the citing literatures, this paper displays the micro impact of fraudulent paper to the academia and its changes after retraction, and also reveals the reasons for the large impact and the role of self-correction mechanism in science. Firstly, we construct the framework of citation analysis in full-text, which includes dimensions of citing sentiment, citation function, cited object and citation importance. And then, select a representative highly cited retracted publication as sample case in natural science and social science respectively. Based on the framework of citation analysis in full-text, we perform manual annotation and description analysis on their citing literatures. High-impact papers have a huge influence on academia, but it needs to be viewed dialectically. These fraudulent papers get many citations, which is related to the value of the paper itself and citation fashion in its field. Self-correction mechanism in science has different effect in natural and social science. Scientific community can identify the problem, and better purify its effect after retracting in natural science. Otherwise, there is almost no internal correction mechanism based on the scientific knowledge in social science, and retracting hardly works for the purification of subsequent effects. The mechanism of reproducible research, including motivation and feasibility of reproducible research, greatly affects the different performances of self-correction in science between natural science and social science.


Key word:fraudulent paper; citation analysis in full-text; retracted publication; academic impact; self-correction in science; reproducible research


Authors: Zhang Chunbo, Ding Kun, Wang Xianwen, Liu Ze Yuan

Author: Institute of Science and Science and Technology Management, Dalian University of Technology

The full text has been published in Scientific Research, Issue 4, 2021.

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