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Research on Evaluation Mechanism of Major Science and Technology Infrastructure

Abstract:Major scientific and technological infrastructure is the leading capital for the construction of a scientific and technological power and an innovative country, with strong strategy, high investment intensity and attention, and is the foundation of the national innovation ecosystem, but there is a long-term lack of targeted facility evaluation methods to guide the efficiency and efficiency of facility investment. The research aims at the value orientation of the transformation and development of major scientific and technological infrastructure in the new era. On the basis of drawing on the ideas and methods of international facility evaluation, clarifying the basic concepts and principles of facility evaluation, starting from the evaluation logic of "function-goal-input-activity-output-effect", the facility evaluation framework of framework layer-indicator layer-criterion layer-main layer is constructed, and the facility evaluation index system is proposed, and the practical application of the evaluation framework and index system is prospected.


Key words:major scientific and technological infrastructure; evaluation value orientation; evaluation framework; evaluation index


Abstract:Large Research Infrastructure(LRI) is the pioneer capital for the development of a science and technology power and an innovation-oriented country. Being strategic, intensive invested and public focused, LRI is the foundation of the national innovation ecosystem. For a long time, there is a lack of targeted LRI evaluation methods to guide the improvement of investment efficiency. This paper aims at value orientation of LRI's transformative development in the new period, in reference to the international methods, makes clear of LRI evaluation principle, builds "function, goal, input, activity, output, effect” evaluation logic, and forms the “frame-criterion-standard-actor” evaluation framework, and puts forward the LRI evaluation index system. At last, the practical application of LRI evaluation framework and index is discussed.


Key words:large research infrastructure(LRI); evaluation value orientation; evaluation framework; evaluation index


Article Author: Qiao Li Li

Author: National Development and Reform Commission Innovation-driven Development Center

The full text has been published in Scientific Research, Issue 1, 2021.

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