The 15th Annual Conference on China's Science and Technology Policy and Management and the Council Meeting of the Research Association (the second round of notice)

The 15th China Science and Technology Policy and Management Annual Conference is scheduled to be held in Nanchang from October 19 to 20, 2019. This conference is sponsored by the Chinese Society of Science and Science and Technology Policy, and undertaken by Nanchang University. "Science Research", "Scientific Research Management", "Science and Science"

The 15th China Science and Technology Policy and Management Academic Conference and Research Council will be held in Nanchang from October 19 to 20, 2019. The conference was hosted by the Chinese Society of Science and Technology Policy, hosted by Nanchang University, and co-organized by the editorial departments of "Science Research", "Scientific Research Management", "Science and Science and Technology Management" and "Innovation and Development Policy.

Professor Fang Xin, honorary chairman of the China Science and Technology Policy Research Association, served as the chairman of the conference, and Professor Mu Rongping, chairman of the China Science and Technology Policy Research Association, served as the chairman of the academic committee of the conference.
The outstanding papers selected by the conference will be awarded certificates and published in the journals of scientific research, scientific research management and science and technology policy management according to the theme and journal requirements.
1. Conference Themes and Topics

The theme of this conference is"Technological Revolution and Digital Transformation: Opportunities and Challenges", focusing on the opportunities and challenges faced by global scientific and technological development, industrial innovation and development, social service innovation and development, and environmental innovation and development under the background of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and digital transformation, from the three levels of strategy, policy, and management, put forward new ideas, new methods and new measures to deal with challenges and seize opportunities.

The detailed topics of the meeting (in no particular order) are not limited to the following:
Special Committee Sub-venue

1. Industrial innovation development and digital transformation 15. Data science and technology project management innovation

2. Scientific and technological innovation governance and digital transformation 16. Entrepreneurship and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements

3. the system and mechanism of innovation leading development 17. science and technology innovation and public policy facing the 14th five-year plan
4. Innovation-oriented country and science and technology power 18. Science and technology ethics and governance
5. Science and technology revolution and science and technology system reform 19. Science and technology human resource management
6. Theory, Method and Practice of Science and Technology Think Tank 20. Intellectual Property Policy and Management
7. Evaluation and monitoring of innovation (capacity, efficiency and development) 21. Building a scientific culture
8. Evaluation of Science and Technology Innovation Policy System and Effectiveness 22. Peer Review Mechanism and Practice of "Responsible, Reputation and Contribution"
9. the theory and practice of technology foresight 23. the new path of green innovation and integrated development across the strait
10. Scientific and technological innovation cooperation network (proposed by the director) 24. Construction of national innovation system and reform of scientific and technological system in the new era
11. Science and technology finance theory, practice and utility 25. Digital innovation and high-quality economic development.
12. development of science and technology association and governance innovation (proposed by the director) 26. policy simulation and management calculation
13. Theory and Practice of Industry-University-Research Cooperation 27. Scientific and Technological Innovation and Regional Economic Development
14. Aging Society and Scientific and Technological Innovation 28. Theories, Methods and Applications of Science of Science in the New Era

29. In addition to the above-mentioned themes, other contributions related to the themes of the General Assembly


2. Important Reminder

1. The basic information, title and abstract of the participants will be submitted from now until July 15. Please scan the two-dimensional code for submission:


Or click on the web address (please install Ctrl when opening on the computer):

Please note: the same participant should not submit it again. if you need to modify, delete or fill in again, please contact the conference affairs team.

2. The submission time of the full text of the paper is from July 20 to September 15, 2019. Please pay attention to the next round of notice of the meeting, and announce the registration method, registration fee, payment method, accommodation hotel and transportation information, etc. The format requirements for full-text writing should be in accordance with the submission requirements of Scientific Research, and the author, unit, communication and project information should be retained.

3. talent recruitment
1. The meeting will set up a special recruitment session for employers. The proposed recruitment direction: science and technology innovation policy and management and related directions.
2. Types of recruiters: postdoctoral, university teachers and researchers in research institutes, etc.
3. Time: It is usually arranged in the afternoon of the second day of the meeting. See the explanation or notice when the specific time is reported.
4. Location: It is usually arranged at the same location as the meeting. Please refer to the instructions or notice when reporting for the specific location.
5. The unit to be recruited needs to submit application materials to the secretariat of the society, including the number of people to be recruited, their major and whether they need recruitment space, so as to arrange tables and interview space.
6. Participants of the recruitment unit are required to pay the registration for the meeting, and the recruitment booth is free of charge.
4. Contact Information

1. Participation and submission
Lv Xi 13576982347
15879095009 Law Suk-chen
2. Council participation and recruitment matters
Contact: Sun Fenfen




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