Notice of the Ninth Cross-Strait Regional Development Forum Meeting in 2019 (First Round)

The Cross-Strait Regional Development Forum originated in 2009. Under the consensus of both sides, the first Cross-Strait Regional Development Forum was held at Tunghai University in Taiwan. So far, it has been successfully held on both sides of the strait for eight times. The forum has gradually developed into experts and scholars from all walks of life on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.

The Cross-Strait Regional Development Forum originated in 2009. Under the consensus of both sides, the first Cross-Strait Regional Development Forum was held at Tunghai University in Taiwan. So far, it has been successfully held on both sides of the strait for eight times. The forum has gradually developed into an annual event for experts and scholars from all walks of life on both sides of the Taiwan Strait to exchange experience and stir up wisdom, enhance cross-strait understanding and mutual trust, and promote academic and industrial exchanges and cooperation.
Northeastern University was founded in 1923, and General Zhang Xueliang was the president. The school is a university directly under the Ministry of Education. It is one of the first batch of "211 Project" and "985 Project" key universities in the country. In 2017, it entered the ranks of first-class university construction. Northeastern University has successively developed a large number of high-level scientific research achievements, such as the first analog electronic computer, the first domestic CT, and the first super steel, set up the first university science park, cultivated high-tech enterprises such as Neusoft and Dongwang, and formed their own school-running characteristics in terms of technological innovation, transfer and industry-university-research cooperation. Northeastern University is located in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, the existing staff of 4538 people, including 2711 full-time teachers. There are 4 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and 4 foreign academicians. The school disciplines cover philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, science, engineering, management, art and other categories. There are 68 undergraduate majors, 179 disciplines to recruit and train master's degree students, 109 disciplines to recruit and train doctoral students, 17 post doctoral mobile stations, 3 national key disciplines of first-level disciplines, 4 national key disciplines of second-level disciplines, and 1 national key (cultivation) discipline. Northeastern University has a complete education system for bachelor's, master's, doctor's and postdoctoral students. The school has more than 45000 full-time students, including 29872 undergraduates, 11364 postgraduates, and 3850 doctoral students.
The 9th Cross-Strait Regional Development Forum is scheduled2019Year6Month28-30DayHeld at Northeastern University, sincerely invite experts and scholars from both sides of the Taiwan Strait to visit Northeastern University! The conference was hosted by Northeastern University, China Science and Technology Policy Research Association, China Dialectics of Nature Research Association, Taiwan Chinese Enterprise Evaluation Society, Taiwan Donghai University, Taiwan Soochow University and other units, another grand meeting jointly organized and co sponsored by the science and technology and society professional committee of China Dialectics of nature Research Association, the cross strait academic exchange professional committee of China Science and Technology Policy Research Association, the research center of philosophy of science and technology of Northeastern University, the business school of Soochow University, the Institute of science and technology management of Taiwan Jiaotong University, the International Office of Donghai University and Sun Wennan Institute (Taiwan), We warmly welcome all walks of both sides of the two sides of Taiwan.
The theme of the 1. conference: the two sides of the strait work together to innovate and promote the revitalization of the Northeast.
The sub-cluster topics include:
1. Cross-Strait regional innovation-driven development;
2. cross-strait innovative culture and scientific and technological innovation;
3. Cross-strait artificial intelligence and other new technologies and intelligent manufacturing, intelligent city construction;
4. Northeast advanced equipment manufacturing industry, major technical equipment, new raw materials, modern agricultural production and technological innovation and R & D base construction;
5. Institutional mechanisms and structural adjustment of the Northeast Industrial Base;
6. A Century of Philosophical Reflection of Northeastern University and the Innovative Development of Discipline and Talent Team Construction
7. Innovation and entrepreneurship and improvement of people's livelihood across the Taiwan Strait;
8. New medical industries derived from cross-strait intelligent medical care, precision medical management, artificial intelligence, 3D biological printing technology, and the development of the silver industry;
9. Cross-strait green development and circular economy issues;
10. Other topics related to cross-strait regional development.

2. conference papers and receipts
Submitted papers are no more than 8000 words and are accompanied by a 500-word abstract and key words.
A brief introduction of the author is attached to the back of the paper (including name, job title, work unit, contact address, telephone number, email address, etc.).
Please invite the proposed participants2019Year4Month15Recently.Submit the receipt of participation,4Month30Recently.Submit papers and abstracts for the conference,5Month30DayThe secretary group of the conference issued the paper employment notice and the invitation letter.
The paper format refers to the paper format of the attachment example, and the paper and receipt are sent to the mailbox: ddchenjia@126.com. and casssp@casipm.ac.cn

3. conference costs
Each representative pays a conference fee of 600 yuan (RMB), the graduate students are halved, and the accommodation and transportation expenses are borne by themselves.
The expenses of the Taiwan Representative Conference shall be handled in accordance with the previous example.

4. meeting time and place:
1. Time:28-30 June 2019(Registration and registration for the meeting on June 28)
2. Location:Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. Northeastern UniversityInternational Academic Exchange Center

5. contact information:
Chen Jia Tel: 13804216640 E-mail:ddchenjia@126.com
Liu Xiaoping Tel: 13252839842 E-mail:liuxiaoping300@163.com

Northeastern University
China Science and Technology Policy Research Association
China Research Society of Dialectics of Nature
Taiwan Chinese Enterprise Evaluation Society
Tunghai University, Taiwan
Soochow University, Taiwan
Fuzhou University

Science and Technology and Society Professional Committee of China Dialectics of Nature Research Association
Cross-Strait Academic Exchange Committee of China Science and Technology Policy Research Association
Research Center of Philosophy of Science and Technology, Northeastern University
School of Business, Soochow University, Taiwan
Institute of Science and Technology Management, Taiwan Jiaotong University
International Division, Tunghai University, Taiwan
Sun Wennan Academy (Taiwan)

Liaoning Dialectics of Nature Research Association
Chen Changshu Foundation for the Development of Philosophy of Technology
Example of Paper Format
1. Thesis Title:
The title of the paper and the title at all levels are generally not more than 20 words, avoid the use of non-public, public abbreviations, codes, etc.
2. Introduction to the author:
Author's name, year of birth, sex, native place, degree, title and main research direction.
3. Fund Project:
If the article is a scientific research fund-funded project, the standard name of the fund project should be indicated at the foot of the front page of the article, and its project number should be indicated in brackets.
4. Abstract in Chinese:
Generally controlled in 200-300 words, including research purposes, methods, conclusions, etc., disable "this article", "author" and other subjects.
5. English abstract:
This item is placed at the back of the article, including the English title, the author's name (Chinese Pinyin, surname before, first name after), the full name of the author's unit, English abstract and key words. The English abstract should correspond to the Chinese abstract.
6. Key words:
Each article can choose 3~5 words, phrases or terms that can reflect the concept of the topic of the article. English keywords should correspond to Chinese keywords.
7. Main article:
The text must be realistic and innovative, the argument is novel and clear, the language is smooth, the text is refined, and no empty talk or plagiarism. The length is generally around 8,000 words.
8. References:
When quoting published documents, internal materials and documents to be published, all bibliographic information shall be clearly indicated. Do not make false note. The description format is in accordance with the "the People's Republic of China National Standard References Description Rules", which is listed in the text by sequential coding system, and the serial number is added to the corresponding position in the text. The maximum number of authors is 3, and the rest is represented by "etc. The description format is as follows:
Journal: lead author. Thesis Title [J]. Title, year, volume (issue): starting and ending page numbers.
Monographs: lead author. Title [M]. place of publication: publisher, year of publication: starting and ending page numbers.
Translation: The main author. Title [M]. Translator. place of publication: publisher, year of publication: starting and ending page numbers.
Proceedings: Principal Author. Title [C]// Editor. The name of the collection. place of publication: publisher, year of publication: starting and ending page numbers.
Dissertation: Author. Thesis Title [D]. City: unit of preservation, year.
Report: Lead author. Title, Report Code and Number [R]. Place name: responsible unit, year.
Ancient Books: Author. Title, Title [M]. Version. AD almanac (publication dynasty year number): start and end page numbers.
Newspaper: Author name. Article name [N]. Newspaper name, publication date (edition).
Electronic Literature: Author. Article name [EB/OL].(date of publication or update/date of citation). The source or available address of the electronic document.




2019The 9th Cross-Strait Regional Development Forum
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