Notice on the Tenth National Symposium on Scientometrics and Science and Education Evaluation

In order to further implement the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education, to meet the urgent needs of my country's government management departments and all sectors of society, continue to strengthen scientific exchanges and cooperation, promote research and application in the fields of bibliometrics, scientometrics and information measurement, and promote my country's science and education evaluation.

In order to further implement the strategy of "rejuvenating the country through science and education", adapt to the urgent needs of our government management departments and all sectors of society, continue to strengthen scientific exchanges and cooperation, promote the research and application of bibliometrics, scientometrics and information measurement, and promote the rapid and healthy development of China's science and education evaluation and internationalization process. In the golden autumn of October when osmanthus is fragrant, we specially hosted the "10th National Symposium on Scientometrics and Science and Education Evaluation" in the scenic city of Wuhan ".

The holding of this grand meeting can not only provide an academic exchange platform with an international perspective for domestic experts and scholars, focus on discussing the current subject frontier and development direction, fully display the latest achievements in recent years, cultivate and introduce young outstanding scholars, and promote Chinese teachers and students And scholars enter the high-level international academic frontier in batches; but also can promote the in-depth cooperation and discipline development of relevant countries or evaluation institutions, vigorously improve the academic status of China's evaluation institutions and create a rare comprehensive condition and exchange platform. Warmly welcome domestic and foreign experts and scholars engaged in bibliometrics, scientometrics, information metrology, network metrology, knowledge metrology (five measures) and science and education evaluation related fields to participate in the exchange!

1. meeting time and place
The meeting will be held from October 15 to 19, 2017, with delegates reporting for duty on the 15th, opening ceremony and leadership speeches on the 16th, specially invited expert reports and conference reports, group discussions and exchanges on the 17th to 18th, conference reports on the 19th, and closing ceremonies. For details of the schedule, please refer to the follow-up notice. The accommodation and meeting place for the delegates is Shuai Fu Hotel (No. 98, Wuchang Bayi Road).
The ISSI 2017 International Conference will also be held at Wuhan University on October 16-20, 2017. Top experts in the global field from 32 countries (regions) will participate in the conference.

2. Conference Topics
(I) on the Theory of "Five Science"
1, "five" theory and method research.
2. The relationship, research frontiers and trends of "five learning"
3, "five science" measurement index system.
4, "five science" and information retrieval.
5, Citation Analysis Methods and Techniques
6. Scientific Knowledge Mapping and Knowledge Visualization
Research on the application of "five-counting" in (II)
1, Science and Technology Policy and Research Evaluation
2, Evaluation and Ranking of Universities and Institutions
3. Standards and evaluation of first-class universities and first-class disciplines
4. Think tank construction and evaluation
5, Science Communication and Communication Analysis
6, Social Network Analysis and Scientific Evaluation
(III) other related studies
1. Altmetrics related research
2, Theories and Methods of Data Science
3, Scientific Data Accuracy and Disambiguation
4, Ethics and Academic Morality in Scientific Research
5, Scientific Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
6, Journal Databases and Digital Publications

3. Participants and Proceedings
National researchers engaged in scientific metrology and science and education evaluation, teachers and students of related majors, and managers and scholars of related departments; authors of conference papers.
The conference is open to domestic and foreign universities and research institutions, including direct contributions and contributions transferred due to the size of the ISSI conference. The accepted papers will be published (Special Issue) in the EI Source Journal (Journal of Wuhan University (Information Science Edition)) and submitted for EI retrieval (JA type).

4. registration fee
1 Registration fees are shown in the table below.
An additional page fee of 1600 yuan/article is charged for the employed papers (in principle, the length of the paper is less than 4 pages, and an additional page fee is charged for the excess part according to 500 yuan/page). The paper will be presented in the conference. Please prepare a 15-minute communication report (PPT).
Please transfer the conference fee and edition fee to the following account number; Please fill in the information required for the invoice in the registration receipt. Please collect the invoice when the meeting reports.
Payee full name: Wuhan University
Payee's account number: 576857528447
Beneficiary Bank: Bank of China, Wuhan Luojiashan Sub-branch
PS: RCCSE, names of participants
4. The meeting will be unified arrangements for accommodation, board and travel expenses.

5. reporting matters
1. Check-in place: Shuai Fu Hotel (Bayi Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan City);
2. Check-in time: all day on October 15;
3. Receipt Time: Please send the attendance receipt and remittance voucher to the e-mail issi2017wh@163.com of the conference group as soon as possible so that the conference group can properly arrange accommodation and meeting schedule.

6. Routes
Due to the large scale of the meeting, the number of participants and the time to arrive in Wuhan scattered, therefore, the meeting is difficult to arrange pick-up service. Delegates are requested to report to the meeting.

7. Contact Information
(I) contacts: Yang Siluo, Dong Ke, Ye Ranling, Li Feng (027-68754477)
Special E-mail for (II) meeting: issi2017wh@163.com. Meeting QQ Group: 603134129, please click on the link to join https://jq.qq.com/?_wv=1027&k=4CDi8Bw
(III) Conference Website: www.nseac.com (China Science and Education Evaluation Network);http://www.issi2017.org/

8. Sponsor and Undertaker
(I) Sponsored by: Chinese Society for Science and Technology Policy Research, Chinese Center for Science Evaluation, Wuhan University
(II) organizers: Special Committee on Scientometrics and Inforometrics of the Chinese Academy of Science and Science and Technology Policy, Wuhan University World-Class Think Tank Evaluation Research Center
Looking forward to our October meeting in the beautiful Wuhan!

The General Assembly Secretariat
July 20, 2007

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