Notice on Convening the 16th National Symposium on Science and Technology Evaluation (Third Round)

The contents of the 1. meeting and the notice of the 16th National Symposium on Science and Technology Evaluation will be held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province from October 29 to 30, 2016 for 2 days. This seminar is sponsored by the China Science and Technology Policy Research Association and the "Research Management" magazine.

Contents of 1. Meeting and Notice of Essay
The 16th National Symposium on Science and Technology Evaluation will be held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province from October 29 to 30, 2016 for 2 days. This seminar is sponsored by the Chinese Society of Science and Technology Policy and the Journal of Scientific Research Management. It is hosted by the School of Politics and Public Administration of Zhejiang University of Technology, the China Institute of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of Zhejiang University of Technology/the Industrialization Research Center of Emerging Market Countries, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Organized by the Management Innovation and Evaluation Research Center.

In May 2016, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the Outline of the National Innovation-Driven Development Strategy, which clearly states that "we should improve the assessment mechanism oriented to innovation and development, take the effectiveness of innovation-driven development as an important assessment indicator, and guide cadres to establish a correct outlook on performance. We will strengthen innovation surveys and establish a mechanism for regular monitoring, evaluation and rolling adjustment". In 2015, the party and the state put forward "improving the innovation driven oriented evaluation system" in the "opinions on deepening the reform of system and mechanism and accelerating the implementation of innovation driven development strategy". To this end, the theme of this seminar is "Innovation-driven Development and Science and Technology Evaluation". The topics discussed include the following (but not limited to): innovation and entrepreneurship evaluation, scientific and technological achievements evaluation, science and technology and innovation policy evaluation, collaborative innovation evaluation, factors Input efficiency evaluation, regional innovation and innovation network evaluation, scientific research institutions and universities evaluation, science and technology evaluation theories and methods, etc.

This seminar will invite relevant experts from the Ministry of Education, the Evaluation Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and the Evaluation Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to participate in the conference to give theme reports. The essay notes are as follows:
1. Conference papers should not exceed 8000 words. Summary of 100-200 words. Each paper should have the title, author's name, unit, key words and abstract.
2. The format of the paper specifically refers to the requirements of the submission format of the journal "Scientific Research Management.
3. Please send the abstract and full text of the paper to the submission mailbox for kjpj2016@163.com.
4. Please indicate the author's name, unit, title, correspondence address, zip code, contact number and Email address, micro signal (convenient for online communication) and other detailed information on the first page of the contribution.
5. The papers submitted will be strictly reviewed by experts organized by the organizing committee of the conference, and all the papers accepted by the conference will be divided into excellent papers and qualified papers. The excellent papers will be published in the official journal of scientific research management, and the certificate of excellent papers of China Science and Technology Policy Research Association will be issued; the qualified papers will be included in the conference proceedings and published in the special issue of scientific research management.

2. important time node
August 15, 2016: Meeting Summary Submission Deadline (Already Deadline)
October 7, 2016: deadline for submission of full-text academic papers (if the conference abstract is not submitted, the full-text paper can be submitted directly)
October 23, 2016: Deadline for receipt registration and accommodation reservation

3. Conference Registration
Please send the attendance receipt to the kjpj2016@163.com for registration, so as to count the number of people and arrange accommodation. The registration fee for the meeting is 1000 yuan/person and student 800 yuan/person (please show your student ID card when registering), which will be paid at the meeting site. The registration fee includes conference meals and information. Transportation and accommodation expenses shall be paid by oneself. The page fee for the special issue of "Scientific Research Management" is 800 yuan/article.

4. Meeting Contact
zhejiang university of technology:
Contacts: Chen Yantai, Fan Yancheng, Guo Yuanyuan Tel: 0571-8529 0285
E-mail: kjpj2016@163.com (for receiving papers, participation receipt)

Center for Management Innovation and Evaluation Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences:
Contact: Liu Zhiyuan Tel: 010-59358414
E-mail: evaluation@casipm.ac.cn

"scientific research management" editorial department:
Contact: Gong Yu Tel: 010-62555521
E-mail: kygl@casipm.ac.cn

The follow-up notice of the meeting will be published on the websites of "Scientific Research Management" (http://www.kygl.net.cn), School of Politics and Public Administration of Zhejiang University of Technology (www.sppa.zjut.edu.cn), China Institute of Small and Medium Enterprises (http://www.csmbri.ac.cn/), etc. Please pay attention

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