China Science and Technology Policy Research Association National Outstanding Scientific and Technological Workers Publicity

According to the requirements of the notice on carrying out the recommend selection of national outstanding scientific and technological workers issued by the China Association for science and technology (No. 19, 2010), we have set up a recommend group headed by Zhang Bihui, executive vice president of the Association for science and technology, and decided to recommend Professor Liu Zeyuan of Dalian University of technology

In accordance with the requirements of the China Association for Science and Technology's "Notice on Carrying out the Recommendation and Selection of National Outstanding Scientific and Technological Workers" (Science and Technology Association Fa Group Zi 2010 No. 19), I will set up a recommendation group headed by Zhang Bihui, the executive vice chairman, and decided to recommend Dalian University of Technology Professor Liu Zeyuan as a candidate. It is now publicized according to the requirements of the China Association for Science and Technology.

If any science and technology workers or members have any objection to the recommended candidates, please contact me.

Contact: Yang Xiangping
E-mail: xpyang@casipm.ac.cn
Tel: 010-62542615

professor liu's brief deeds are as follows:

Liu Zeyuan is a professor and doctoral supervisor of Dalian University of Technology. The first dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences of Dalian University of Technology, concurrently served as the vice chairman of the China Science and Technology Policy Research Association, enjoyed the special allowance of the State Council, and won the title of Dalian Excellent Expert twice. In 2002, the first doctoral program in science and technology management was established in China, and the first batch of doctors in scientometrics were trained. One of the earliest scholars to advocate and carry out the research on philosophy of technology, founded and edited the Yearbook of Chinese philosophy of technology. In 2004, WISE Laboratory of Dalian University of Technology was founded, and Dr. Garfield, the father of SCI, was praised as one of the world's scientific metrology research centers. Published the first monograph, the research results of knowledge metrology and scientific knowledge mapping at the forefront of detection science and technology won the second prize of Liaoning Social Science Achievement Award and the third prize of the Fifth National University Humanities and Social Science Achievement Award; Dalian's key soft science project "Dalian Building an Innovative City Research" (2006), won the first prize of Dalian Social Science Progress Award; presided over 6 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation and the National Social Science Foundation, and has trained more than 40 doctors, he has published more than 200 academic papers and more than 10 academic monographs and translations, making important contributions to the theoretical innovation and discipline construction of science of science in China.

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