Regarding the pre-appointment announcement of the candidate for the person in charge of the eighth council of the Chinese Society of Science and Technology Policy

Society Notification

According to the provisions of the China Association for science and technology "measures for the publicity of the responsible persons of the National Society before taking office (for Trial Implementation)" (No. 183, 2019), the proposed responsible persons of the eighth Council of our research association, including the chairman, vice-chairman and secretary-general, shall be publicized before their appointment. The contents of the publicity include the basic information of the candidates to be appointed, the positions of the proposed society, the positions of other social organizations, etc. The basic information of the candidates to be publicized is shown in the annex (the vice-chairman is sorted by surname strokes). The publicity period is October 6-October 12, 2020. If you have any objection to the public announcement, please report it in writing to the Secretariat of the Chinese Society for Science and Technology Policy during the publicity period.

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E-mail: casssp@casisd.cn

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China Science and Technology Policy Research Association

6 October 2020

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