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Evaluation Survey of World-class Science and Technology Associations

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Hello, thank you for participating in this survey. This project is commissioned by the China Association for Science and Technology and the China Science and Technology Policy Research Association to implement it. It aims to build a consensus on the concept of world-class science and technology associations through the ranking and evaluation of global science and technology associations, and promote the ability improvement and cooperative development of science and technology associations. This survey is aimed at senior managers and academic elites of global science and technology associations. In view of your knowledge and influence, please rank the performance of the world's leading science and technology associations in different fields in 2019. Your answer will provide important support for the outstanding development of the global science community. It takes about 10-15 minutes to fill in the questionnaire. All the answers will be completely confidential and only used for academic research. Please feel free to fill in the answers. Thank you for your support and participation!


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