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Professional Committee on Technology Foresight


Professional Committee

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The Special Committee on Technology Foresight is a branch of the China Science and Technology Policy Research Association and is affiliated to the Shanghai Institute of Science. With the main purpose of promoting the theoretical and practical research in the field of technology foresight, the Technology Foresight Committee is committed to building an academic exchange platform, summarizing the experience of technology foresight theory and methods, and promoting exchanges and cooperation in the field of technology foresight. The specific work of the special committee includes organizing academic seminars on a regular or irregular basis, holding 16 consecutive national technology foresight seminars to exchange research methods and practical experience; carrying out subject research to serve government or enterprise decision-making; building industry-university-research cooperation Platform to promote project cooperation; carry out international exchanges, promote international cooperation, and regularly hold "International Symposium on Technology Foresight. The special committee shall have one chairman, five vice-chairmen and one secretary-general. Shi Qian, director of the Shanghai Institute of Science, has been formally appointed as the new director of the Technology Foresight Professional Committee by the Council of the Research Association since February 1, 2021. The Special Committee welcomes people from all walks of life who are interested in technology foresight to join in and work together to promote the development of science and technology policy research!